Can You Sue Your Mechanic For Faulty Brake Repairs

You just picked up your vehicle, and you hear a sound, then nothing. Literally nothing, you’re pressing down on the brake, and your speed is staying the same. Many people get into accidents after mechanic repairs, and sometimes they don’t connect the two. A crash may not happen right away, you may feel as if everything is fine, but when it comes to faulty brake repairs, you should recognize that something is off right away.

If this happens to you, a skilled Carrollton car wreck lawyer can help you recover compensation.

Faulty Brake Repairs Can Lead to Accidents

These are the most direct or straightforward situations. You leave the shop and then get in a crash. In this instance, you’re able to prove that the negligence was clearly in the auto shop. Prior to taking your car in, your brakes worked. Then after collecting your car, they don’t work.

Georgia does allow customers to hold their mechanics liable for negligent or careless repairs that lead to accidents. Typically a mechanic should not release a vehicle unless it’s safe to drive. Or, they need to know that the transportation of the vehicle is done in a safe manner, such as with a tow truck.

Should You Sue the Mechanic or the Auto Shop?

Typically you will place your lawsuit against the auto shop. Employers are typically responsible for the actions of any of their employees or staff. Auto shops should carry liability insurance, meaning that they know eventually one of their team members will mess up, and they will have to cover the damages.

Suing the mechanic isn’t usually what you want to do because they probably don’t have insurance coverage for their work. But they may not have the means available to cover your medical costs or additional expenses either. Suing an individual usually doesn’t produce a desirable result because even if you are awarded the compensation, you may need to spend money in order to collect it.

Now, suing the mechanic might be the best option if the actions are taken where unnecessary and specifically against company standard practice and documented procedure.

Proving Faulty Brake Repairs

On your own, proving that a mechanic is at fault may seem impossible. It is very challenging, even with an attorney, placing a mechanic at fault can require a lot of finesse.

During the investigation process, the attorney and legal team will go through everything that was done to the vehicle, specifically the most recent visit. They’ll also look through the miles traveled, and whether the car accident would not have happened under normal circumstances.

Diagnosis and reconstruction of the accident are absolutely necessary for your case. This critical step will allow for a full investigation and produce the evidence necessary to drive your case in the right direction.

Ultimately the goal is to hold the mechanic accountable. If you’re using a shady or “under the tree” mechanics, then you may be in a different situation. That person still needs to be held accountable for offering services without proper certification.

Use a Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer to Represent Your Injuries

An auto accident attorney in Carrollton will provide representation for any injuries and damages. That can include damages such as the lost time at work, or even loss of some element of life. Some injuries can leave people without the use of specific limbs or unable to perform certain everyday tasks. In that case, you’re missing out on serious elements of life. There is an opportunity to obtain compensation for those things that you simply can’t assign a fair dollar value to.

Automobile accident attorneys go through experts to do everything they can to prove it was the fault of the mechanic. They also use experts, typically financial experts, to fairly identify how much you should get as part of your recovery.

Get Your Carrollton Car Wreck Attorney Involved Now

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