Who Is Responsible For A Wrong Way Collision?

It seems apparent to every driver that they’re clearly not at fault. But, that’s not always the case. In a wrong-way collision, drivers are usually started to find out that they’re partially at fault or that they can’t receive their full award because they “contributed” to the crash. Don’t worry. There are clear cut reasons and justifications for minor issues that play a role in a wrong-way collision. Speaking with a Lawrenceville auto wreck attorney may help you understand your specific situation better.

Wrong-Way Collision on the Freeway

In these instances, there is no excuse for wrong-way driving. The driver who was going the wrong was clearly at fault. There are enough freeway signs and one-way directed traffic for anyone to realize that they were in the wrong.

There’s also a protocol for how to handle accidentally getting on the freeway the wrong way. Simply get off the road and pull over as soon as possible. Alert police that you need help and wait for their assistance. If someone fails to do just that, then they are in the wrong by being careless, negligent, and potentially purposefully dangerous.

Wrong-Way Collision in an Intersection or Open Area

When it comes to intersections or other open regions, it may not be entirely clear if someone was in the wrong or the wrong way. While the wrong-way driver is still responsible, it may be a far less serious infraction than driving the incorrect way on a freeway or one-way street. In intersections, a wrong-way collision could be as simple as two people turning left and one of those people going past their lane and hitting an oncoming vehicle.

Other open areas may not have clear signage, or directions other than the person should travel to the right side of the roadway. That is the guiding rule that assigns fault in many cases.  There are instances when a person who was speeding or doing something else that is a traffic violation will get partial fault.

Incorrect Signage and City Responsibility

Did the wrong-way driver honestly not realize that it was a one-way street? Did they miss the correct street because of inappropriate or misplaced signage? Not every driver that goes the wrong direction is intoxicated, or purposeful with their actions. Sometimes the signs involved are so misleading that they couldn’t have acted in any other way. It’s these situations that make it complex, but they can also place the city as the responsible party.

When signage isn’t clear or directs drivers into danger, they fail to provide an adequate duty of care. It could be that a sign was open to interpretation or that there simply weren’t “do not enter” signs.

Holding the city responsible is a challenge, but it’s possible. The process is very similar to any other personal injury case, except you’re taking your claim against the city rather than a person.

Choosing a Lawrenceville, GA Auto Accident Attorney

A Georgia automobile accident attorney can thoroughly explain fault, comparative fault, and what it means if you are assigned partial fault in a wrong-way crash. We know that it’s clearly the wrong-way driver who was at fault, so it may come as a shock when you hear that you’re assigned 16% of some other percentage of fault.

Attorneys handle these fault percentages as part of negotiations as well. It’s unfair that your wrong-way crash and broken headlights have anything to do with each other. But, even small things that would only call for a fix-it ticket such as a burned-out headlight can impact how much you get in a compensation settlement. Having someone stand up to these insurance companies that try to get away with these tactics is vital. Any claim can fall to shambles without the right representation.

Start Working with Your Lawrenceville Car Accident Lawyer

After a wrong-way collision, you probably have extensive medical injuries. The surgeries and extensive care that comes after a head-on crash can change a person’s life. John B. Jackson is a local law office that provides the guidance that victims need, along with a wealth of resources available to build a strong case around your claim.

Connect with an auto accident law firm in Lawrenceville, call John B. Jackson. Starting your case is the first step toward getting a reasonable resolution. Don’t waste time trying to argue with an insurance company that will short you or fighting with a driver over something they can’t cover anyway. Focus on the best way to get compensation for your medical bills, and other non-economic damages from a crash this other driver caused.