Who Is Liable If I’m Injured in a Student Driver Accident?

Who Is Liable If I’m Injured in a Car Accident with a Student Driver?

When someone incurs injuries in an accident they did not cause, in Atlanta, GA, they can seek compensation for their losses from the party at fault. Whether or not they request the help of a car accident lawyer usually depends on the circumstances of their case, on how serious their injuries were, and on the available evidence. In case of a student driver accident, however, consulting a car accident attorney should be every victim’s priority, and there are several reasons for that.

Why Consult a Lawyer in Case of a Student Driver Accident in Atlanta, GA?

The laws applicable to student drivers differ from those referring to adult certified drivers. Since lawyers know them by heart, they will have an easier time assessing whether the student driver violated them. They will also know how to prove those violations, and, implicitly, accident liability.

Even though they were behind the wheel, student drivers rarely cover the losses of the accident they have caused themselves. Depending on their age at the time of the accident and on the circumstances in which the accident took place, other parties could share liability for the accident.

Even the victim could share fault for it, as, upon seeing the “student driver” sign, they should have expected driving errors and a certain degree of negligence and driven more cautiously, to prevent accidents. It takes the skills and experience of an Atlanta car accident lawyer to establish and prove accident liability.

Establishing Liability and Seeking Compensation for a Student Driver Accident in Atlanta, GA

Depending on the circumstances in which the accident occurred, any of the following parties could share or hold liability for it:

  • Parents, if they are the ones accompanying the student driver, the student driver is underage, or they allow their child to drive their car without a driving license or adequate supervision.
  • The Student Driver, if they drive a car without permission and supervision, violate traffic rules, or operate the vehicle negligently. A car accident lawyer will usually go against a student driver when the latter has their own insurer.
  • The Driving Instructor, if they were in the car with the student when the accident occurred and did not intervene, or they failed to teach their student basic skills that could have helped the latter avoid the accident.
  • The Driving School, if they hired poorly qualified, unreliable instructors, failed to perform background checks and provide adequate training, or the student driver was operating the school’s car at the time of the accident, and it malfunctioned due to improper repairs or maintenance.
  • Third Parties, who were hired to do a job, neglected it, and their negligence led to the student driver accident in question. Such parties could be repair shops, parts manufacturers, traffic legislation teachers, road administrators, and more.

In order to assess liability for a student driver accident in Atlanta, a car accident lawyer will consider the circumstances in which the accident occurred, the student driver’s age and experience, the condition, owner, and insurance status of the car they were driving when the accident occurred, the presence of an adult supervisor, and more. It is important to note that assessing liability for an accident and identifying the best defendant for a compensation claim is only one part of the activity of car accident lawyer.

Other Reasons to Work with an Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

The attorney will carefully analyze all the details of the case and any evidence available before expressing their opinion and recommending a course of action. Generally, it is preferable to go against insurance companies or service providers than to file a civil lawsuit against a student driver.

Civil lawsuits take more time and effort to win, and a favorable verdict does not always guarantee the due compensation. Student drivers often have a precarious financial situation and few or no valuable assets, so obtaining compensation from them can be close to impossible.

After identifying the defendant of their case, the car accident attorney will gather the necessary evidence and file the claim with the insurance company or the lawsuit in civil court. They will take over all formalities and act in their clients’ best interests every step of the way.

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