What Happens if There are More than Two Vehicles Involved in Your Car Accident?

If you’re like most people, when you see a multi-vehicle accident on the side of the road you can’t help but stare. You quietly ask yourself-I wonder whose fault that was? You’re just curious beings by nature. When you’re one of the people involved in a multi-car accident, however, things become less interesting and more serious rather quickly. When our Douglasville accident lawyers meet with a new client for the first time, they’re usually very scared, very confused, and very angry. All most people want is to be compensated for their injuries. For the most part, the car accident victims we represent aren’t looking to become millionaires. They just want the defendant to do the right thing. This can be difficult when it’s hard to determine which of the three drivers are the most responsible for the crash.

We suggest that you contact our office and meet with one of our Georgia injury attorneys as soon as possible after your car accident. We fully understand that, if your injuries are serious, it may take a while for you to be able to get into the office. That’s why we offer to conduct your free, initial consultation by phone or even Skype if need be. You don’t want to be the last person to give your version of events it’s an insurance company. That will put you in a serious disadvantage that’ll be hard to overcome even with the strongest of evidence.

It Will Be a Lot Harder for Your Douglasville Accident Lawyer to Prove Fault

Normally, when one of our clients has been involved in a car accident, all we have to do is prove that the other driver was negligent. Of course, we also have to prove our clients’ damages. When there are more than two cars involved in the car accident, things become more muddled.

You may have two different drivers pointing at two different people and accusing them of causing the crash. All three drivers probably have their own version of what happened on the day of the car accident. This can make it very difficult when your Douglasville accident lawyer is trying to prove that you’re the one that’s a victim here. The last thing you want to do is have the other two drivers and their attorneys gang up on you because they think you have deep pockets.

You’ll Need to File a Claim Against Each Driver’s Insurance

What typically happens in this situation is that all three drivers file their own insurance claims against the other driver’s insurance carriers. The goal is to have at least one of those insurance companies admit that their client was at fault.

However, you need to make sure that your version of events leading to the car accident is documented somewhere for reference down the road. If you need to file a lawsuit against either party, you will make sure that your statement and your attorney’s findings are documented somewhere with the court.

Your Georgia Injury Attorney Will Name All Possible Defendants in Your Lawsuit

If your claim is not able to resolve through the insurance companies, your Georgia injury attorney will have no problem filing a lawsuit against the other drivers involved. When you file your initial complaint, you are required to list any and all possible defendants in your case.

This means that your Douglasville accident lawyer will name both the other drivers in the complaint as well as the other drivers insurance carriers. If there are more than five drivers involved in the car accident, then you’ll likely be naming 5 individuals and five insurance companies in your complaint.

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The silver lining, believe it or not, is that even with all this complication, there’s still a great chance that your case will settle. All parties involved will realize that you have the evidence needed for proving negligence on the part of at least one of the other drivers. This is why sometimes, it makes a lot more sense to settle the case out of court than waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours in a trial.

With a Complex Case Like This You Should Retain a Skilled Douglasville Accident Lawyer

We all know how difficult it can be when you’re involved in a car accident. Not only do you have to deal with your physical injuries, but you’ll also likely have to contend with financial losses. If there were more than two vehicles involved in the crash, you must be wondering-who am I supposed to pursue?

Our Douglassville accident lawyers hear this question more often than you can imagine. This is because it’s very rare for only two cars to be involved in an accident. Sure, it happens. But there are a lot of accidents, especially on busy highways, that involve three or more cars. What this usually means for your Georgia injury attorney is you have three different people giving their own version of what happened in the car accident.

It’s your lawyer’s job to prove that one of the other drivers was at fault. The tricky thing is that the other drivers’ attorneys are looking to prove the same thing about you. This is the perfect storm for he said, she said scenario. Because cases like this do become complex rather quickly, we suggest you contact our office and meet with a Douglassville accident lawyer as soon as possible after the crash.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible!

The good news is that we offer all potential clients a free, initial consultation. You don’t have to pay a dime to sit down with a seasoned Georgia injury attorney and have them review your case. If our associates think that your case has merit, they’ll let you know and possibly offer to represent you. If, however, the evidence overwhelmingly points to your being at fault for the car accident, our attorneys will be upfront and honest with you. It all depends on the facts of the case and what you can prove.

Since your initial consultation is free, and since you don’t pay or firm anything upfront, you’ve got nothing to lose. Just call our office and scheduled end time that works for you to come into town planning our season to Georgia injury attorneys.