If I Slipped On a Wet Floor in Atlanta, Am I Eligible for Personal Injury Compensation?

A very common cause of injury is a slip and fall at work or at a business. In Atlanta, Georgia, a slip and fall case is often referred to as ‘premises liability’ which means that the liability is based on the failure of the business or property owner to exercise an appropriate degree of care towards the workers and others entering onto the property. Individuals that have slipped on a wet floor in Atlanta, Georgia often end up with injuries. Many times, these injuries result in serious or even permanent to the muscles, bones, and tendons.

In order to establish a potential slip and fall case in Atlanta, Georgia, a legal team has to establish three things:

  • That the business owner was aware or should have been aware of the hazard that resulted in your slip and fall.
  • The person who slipped on a wet floor and got injured either did not know of the hazard or did not know the seriousness of the hazard and fell despite exercising ordinary caution.
  • The person who slipped on a wet floor and got injured as a result of the hazard did so because the owner of the premises did not make any effort to create awareness of the problem. Had the owner done so, this slip and fall injury could have been avoided.

In Atlanta, Georgia, the owner has responsibility for slip and fall injuries in two types of situations:

  1. If the person who slipped on a wet floor worked on the premises
  2. If the people who slipped on a wet floor were invitees or customers of the business

For example, a convenience store owner must ensure that the floors are not slippery and that appropriate hazard or warning signs are in place for customers to see and read. The business owner must exercise ordinary care to ensure that there is no risk of a slip and fall situation and that anybody who enters the place of business is safe.

A business owner is generally deemed to be responsible for the safety of others including the delivery people, sales agents or someone who wants to use a bathroom at a gas station. However, the owner is not responsible if a trespasser or unauthorized individual slips and falls, but at the same time, the owner should not go out their way to cause harm to the trespasser.

What type of hazardous conditions can lead to a slip and fall?

Some of the hazardous conditions commonly associated with a slip and fall include the following:

  • Large holes in the sidewalk
  • Uneven pavement
  • Poorly lit stairs
  • Presence of debris on the path or sidewalk
  • Collection of water
  • Ice built up
  • Spilled liquids
  • Recently polished floors (waxing) and no signs to warn people

In all the above cases, one has to prove that the owner was aware of the hazards but did nothing to warn the public or workers.

Keep in mind that just because a hazard exists in the workplace does not automatically mean that one can get compensation for a slip and fall. Just like the owner has a responsibility of preventing slips, the onus is also on the worker or the general public to exercise reasonable caution when walking. They simply can’t claim they are not responsible for slipping on a wet floor if there were signs displayed in the area and if the injured party was careless. If you know that the floor in a shop has just been polished or waxed, then you should not be running in that area while shopping.

If you slipped on a wet floor in Atlanta, Georgia and have been injured, the best way to know how much compensation you can receive is to speak to a personal injury lawyer. Most lawyers offer a free initial consultation where you can ask any question you want, and the attorney will be able to tell you if you have a case.

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