What Should I Do to Prepare for My Initial Consultation with a Carrollton Accident Attorney?

When you’re trying to decide whether you want to hire a car accident lawyer in Carrollton, one thing you won’t have to worry about is cost. We offer all new clients a free, initial consultation. This gives you a chance to sit down with one of our seasoned Carrollton accident attorneys and ask any questions you may have. It’s important that you prepare for this initial meeting. You only have about a half hour or so to meet with your attorney. In order to make the most of it, you want to make sure you bring all relevant information for your attorney to review.

Here, we will describe the various things you can do to prepare for your initial consultation. As long as you bring the information discussed here with you for your first meeting, your Carrollton accident attorney should have ample opportunity to review your case. Once they have done this, they will decide whether they want to represent you. Of course, you will also need to decide whether you want to retain our firm.

It’s Important to Bring All of Your Documentation with You

One thing we tell any prospective client is that they should bring all relevant documentation with them to their initial meeting. In the days and weeks after your car accident, you will likely receive a ton of correspondence from the defendant and their insurance carrier. You will probably also receive correspondence from your own insurance carrier. You will want to bring this information with you so that your car accident lawyer in Carrollton has a chance to read it over. The only way they can make a decision as to whether your case has value is to review the evidence you have to support your claim.

Your Carrollton Accident Attorney Will Need to See a Copy of the Police Report

One of the most important documents you’ll want to bring with you is a copy of the police report. We always warn our clients that there are certain things they need to do immediately after a car crash. The first thing you need to do is call 911. Not only will the dispatcher send a team of officers to the accident scene, but they will also make sure an ambulance is dispatched. Once the police have completed their thorough investigation of the scene, they will document their findings in their police report. Once this report is put on file, you or your Carrollton accident attorney will be able to access a copy of your police report.

Much of the information contained in the police report will be crucial to your case. In fact, without the police report, your car accident lawyer in Carrollton will have no way to access any of the information contained in the report. For example, without the police report, you will have no way to contact any eyewitnesses to the accident. You will also have no idea what the other driver has told the insurance carrier. At least the police report will give your Carrollton accident attorney a brief understanding of what happened.

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You Should Also Bring a List of Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer in Carrollton

From the moment you are home from the hospital, you should start jotting down questions that you want to ask your car accident lawyer in Carrollton. We always tell our clients to carry a small notebook around so they can note any questions that come to mind in the days and weeks leading up to your free, initial consultation.

What typically happens with a new client is that they come into the office, and they are nervous and anxious. They end up wasting a lot of time talking about the facts of the case with their attorney. They missed the opportunity to ask the questions that have been coming to mind over the past week or so. Since the reason for meeting with a Carrollton accident attorney is to find out if your case has merit, the last thing you want to do is come empty handed.

Make Sure You Bring a Copy of Any Correspondence from the Insurance Company

When you meet with your Carrollton accident attorney for the first time, they will want to see copies of any letters you have received from the insurance companies. Most importantly, you will want to make sure you show your attorney a copy of your letter of denial. This letter from the insurance carrier will outline exactly why your auto accident claim has been denied. Once your car accident lawyer in Carrollton has established why your claim was denied, they can start working on the preparation for your case.

If Possible, Bring a Copy of Your Recent Medical Records

Depending on the timing, you may be able to bring a copy of your recent medical records to your initial consultation. The reason your Carrollton accident attorney would need these records is so they can prove that you were indeed injured. If you are not able to bring the records to your consultation, we will need you to sign a release so that we can seek a copy of these records from your provider.

Your Carrollton Accident Attorney Will Try to Answer All Your Questions and Concerns

When you come into the office for your initial consultation, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. After all, that’s the whole point of meeting with a Carrollton accident attorney for the first time. You can sit down with someone who’s handled dozens of cases like yours in the past. One of the reasons we suggest you bring a list of questions with you is so that you use your time wisely. You only get to meet with your car accident lawyer in Carrollton for a short period of time. You want to make the most of it.

We suggest that you call our office as soon as possible and schedule your free, initial consultation. Make sure you bring the materials discussed here with you for your initial meeting. You should also be prepared to answer questions. Your lawyers will need to get information from you if they’re going to agree to represent you. We don’t charge our clients anything for this initial appointment. Even if you decide to retain our services, you don’t have to pay anything upfront.