What Kinds of Experts Will My Lawrenceville Car Accident Lawyer Use in My Lawsuit?

If you get into a car accident in Georgia, you’re going to have a few questions. First, who is going to cover your medical bills? And, second, how are you going to pay to get your car fixed? Anyone who’s ever been in a car accident knows how frustrating it can be to deal with a car insurance company. They don’t return your calls. They tell you that your paperwork is incomplete. It seems as if all they’re trying to do is use stall tactics. And, this may be true. The longer the insurance company can hold onto their money – the better for them. At a certain point, you realize that the only way you’re ever going to get paid is to hire a Lawrenceville car accident lawyer.

They know how to deal with the insurance adjusters. They know what it takes to prove the other driver was at fault. And, they can do this for you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries. The last thing you’re really going to feel like doing is fighting with lawyers and insurance adjusters. And, if your case needs to go to court, your attorney knows how to prove your case.

One of the things your Lawrenceville car accident lawyer will do to prove your case is hire experts. Sometimes, this is the only way to show that your injuries were caused by the defendant’s actions. It’s also the only way to show just how bad your injuries are. You can’t be expected to do this on your own. That’s why you need a skilled lawyer by your side.

You May Need Medical Experts to Testify About Your Injuries

If you have to go to trial, you’re going to need to prove your injuries. Sometimes, your medical records will be enough. However, this may not be the case. If the defendant claims that your injuries couldn’t have been caused by your car accident, you’ll need to prove that they were. One way to do this is to hire an expert to testify on your behalf. An expert medical witness can show the jury exactly why your injuries were caused by your car accident.

They can also testify as to what kind of future medical care you may need. For example, let’s say you’ve had one surgery but are going to need at least two more. An expert medical witness can explain this to a jury. They can also explain how these future surgeries will impact your life. This can help justify your claim for pain and suffering. It can also help justify why you’re demanding such a high amount in medical bills.

Your Lawrenceville Car Accident Lawyer May Hire Accident Recreation Specialists

One of the most common reasons car accident cases go to trial is because nobody agrees on who was at fault. For example, let’s say you were rear-ended by another driver. Typically, the rear driver is always deemed to be at fault. However, in your case, the defendant is claiming that they only hit you because your brakes weren’t working. Or, they may say that you merged into the lane in front of them out of nowhere.

If this isn’t how it happened, you can tell your own version of the story. But that doesn’t mean the jury will believe you. One way to overcome this is to hire an accident recreation specialist. They can tell the jury why the defendant’s version of the crash isn’t accurate. They can base this on pictures of the crash scene. They can also justify it by showing the jury the damage done to the two vehicles.

Contact a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer Sooner Rather than Later in Lawrenceville

If you get into a car accident in Georgia, you may have a hard time getting your insurance claim paid. You might go back and forth with the insurance adjuster for weeks or even months. You can’t handle this on your own. The insurance company will try to take advantage of you. They may offer you a lowball settlement hoping you’re desperate for cash. They’ll ask you to sign a settlement release, hoping you don’t have a lawyer review it first. Don’t let these things happen to you. Your Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer will take the time to prepare your case. If this means they need to hire experts, that’s what they’ll do. And, this will cost you nothing until you win your case. Call and schedule a free initial consultation today.