Douglasville Car Accident Victims and Surgery

There are two things people who have been in a car accident in Douglassville know they must do. The first is to get medical treatment, and the second is to consult a Douglasville auto accident attorney. Medical treatment covers diagnosis, medications, therapy, and in some severe cases, surgery.

Surgery is a branch of medicine concerned with treating injuries, diseases, and other disorders by manual and instrumental means. It involves cutting someone’s body so that a doctor can repair, remove, or replace a diseased or damaged part. These days, surgical procedures are invasive and non-invasive, and your doctor advises on the one that’s best for you.

When a person sustains an injury in a car accident, the severity of their injuries determines if they’ll need surgery and the type of surgery they’ll undergo. This article covers the types of surgeries Douglasville car accident victims may need. But for the best legal advice and representation, contact the Law Office of John B. Jackson.

What Test Do Doctors Administer After a Car Accident?

Before discussing the type of surgery, let’s look at the tests doctors administer to determine the proper surgical procedure. They include the following:

  • X-Rays

X-rays are pretty common. It involves using electromagnetic waves to take pictures of the body’s internal system. Doctors use these images to assess fractures and prescribe treatment. So, if you have a broken bone, a dislocated joint, or other injuries to the skeletal system, your doctor will order an X-ray.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The magnetic resonance imaging test is popularly known as an MRI. The magnetic resonance imaging test provides deeper insight into the body’s internal system than an X-ray. With it, your doctor can look beyond the skeletal system to the nerve and organs. In addition, the MRI test is excellent for detecting spinal cord injury, soft tissue injuries, and abnormal brain activity.

  • Computed Tomography

The computed tomography (CT) test or scan is a diagnostic imaging test used to create detailed images of internal organs, bones, soft tissue, and blood vessels. It is fast, painless, non-invasive, and accurate. A CT scan is faster and cheaper than an MRI scan, but the latter gives a more detailed picture of the trauma.

Six Surgeries Victims in a Car Accident in Douglasville May Need

Sometimes, accident victims need emergency surgery, depending on their injury. However, doctors often put off the surgical procedure until they conduct the tests above. This is because most surgeries for accident victims are invasive, with high risks. Therefore, doctors try all available treatments and only recommend surgery as a last resort.

Below are six common surgeries victims of car accidents are likely to undergo.

  • Surgery to Stabilize Bone Fractures

While some broken bones are easily treated with a cast and medication, more severe fractures require surgery. The latter is more so where the accident shattered the bone. Doctors will rely on pins, screws, and rods to keep the bone in place or fix the bone. In addition, surgery helps to repair torn muscles and tendons.

  • Brain Surgery

Generally, doctors like to observe swellings in the brain before performing surgery. However, if the victim suffers a skull fracture, has a clot, or has bleeding in the brain, the doctor will perform surgery. Surgery after a traumatic brain injury requires extensive recovery time and therapy.

  • Back Surgery

Car accidents cause severe back injuries like broken or dislocated vertebra, herniated disc, and torn soft tissue. You need surgery to repair these wounds. Common back surgeries are discectomy, laminectomy, vertebroplasty, and spinal fusions.

  • Surgery for Internal Bleeding or Injuries

In severe car accidents, those involved can sustain one or more injuries to their organs, which could cause internal bleeding. Depending on the severity of the wound, your doctor may recommend a minimally invasive surgery or an invasive procedure.

  • Surgery to Repair Torn Soft Tissue

Generally, most soft tissue injuries heal with time, pain management, rest, and physical therapy. However, if the wound affects the tendons, ligament, or muscle, or there’s a recurring problem with a stretched or partially torn tissue, you might need surgery.

  • Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is for accident victims with scars, disfigurements, or burn injuries. If you have deep cuts or lacerations or potential scarring on your face, arms, neck, or hands, your doctor would recommend you to a plastic surgeon.

Get Help From the Law Office of John B. Jackson

Getting surgery can result in significant medical bills that you may be unable to foot. Thankfully, Georgia law allows car accident victims to get compensation from the fault party. So, if someone else caused the crash you were involved in, our Douglasville auto accident attorneys are the people to call. Contact us today for a free case review.