How to Calm Down When You’re the Outraged Victim

As a victim, you have every right to be outraged. The trouble is that the immediate response of anger compromises your position as the victim. It may seem as though you were the one who caused the wreck, or that your anger in some way compromised the other driver. It is a ridiculous allegation, but it’s one that we’ve seen again and again. At what point between the collision and getting out of the vehicle to resolve the situation do you have a moment to calm down?

Many drivers report that their rage and anger was such a big deal because they didn’t have a moment to decompress before dealing with the driver who caused the accident. However, there are ways to take yourself down a notch before you speak to the driver or call your insurance provider. You should also contact one of our experienced Georgia car accident attorneys.

Call for Emergency Services

If you feel that any element of safety is at risk and crash resolution, call Emergency Services. It is a commonplace practice throughout Texas to contact emergency services after any type of accident. Local police may not always respond if there were no injuries, but if you acknowledge that tension is running high and you’re not sure what’s going to happen, they will likely respond quickly.

Road rage and accidents from aggression are common with vehicle crash resolution. We all know that when tempers run high, there’s no telling what could take place. When on the phone with Emergency Services, you can acknowledge that you don’t know the state of the other driver, but that you are clearly experiencing frustration, and you need help resolving the crash and exchanging information. You can also state that you want a police report, and an officer out on the scene.

As an added, the 911 dispatcher may also send out Emergency Medical Services to evaluate the people at the crash site. Sometimes interacting with a 911 dispatcher may be frustrating, but keep in mind they may be following scripts or established protocol.

Take a Breath and Take a Moment

If you know that you are angry, take a moment before you get out of your vehicle. If the other driver approaches your vehicle and looks angry, don’t engage the person and stay in your car. However, if it seems as though the other person is willing to give you your space, then take a moment to decompress.

Try to remember, at that moment, that insurance is often available to help recover damages, most people can make a full recovery from injuries, and that you weren’t at fault. There are always things in our lives that we simply cannot control, and sometimes that includes car accidents.

Peacefully Tell the Other Driver You Need Time

If the other driver seems to be in a rush or is impatiently waiting for you to get out of your vehicle, you can slightly roll down your window to let them know that First Responders are on their way. Or, you can acknowledge that you just need a minute to find all of your paperwork and that you’ll step out in a moment.

Don’t allow another driver to rush you, if the other driver seems extremely impatient or possibly aggressive, wait for the police to arrive.

What Not to Do!

Often, the best tool we have for crash resolution can also be a frustrated victim’s downfall. Your cell phone and the camera it has can help your crash claim. But, it can also catch you in a bad light.

Over the years, we have seen viral crash videos of angry drivers engaging in arguments and even outright brawls over an accident that they didn’t cause. Not only can this affect the crash claim, but it can lead to criminal charges. Then, there’s the issue of showing your anger and frustration on social media. Anything you post online can come up in your crush resolution, and will likely affect your claim.

Finding a Lawrenceville, GA Car Accident Lawyer

At our law offices for John B Jackson in Lawrenceville, Texas, you can count on experienced attorneys to carefully evaluate what happened in your crash. It is completely reasonable to feel angry and hurt after a wreck. However, when people act out of anger, they may inadvertently compromise their claim. It may seem as though they were an aggressive driver or experiencing road rage, and he truly at-fault driver may try to turn the tables.

What you need is an experience Lawrenceville attorney who specializes in Auto Collision resolution. Work with us, and get us a fair evaluation of the evidence from your crash, and the damage is listed on your claim. Call John B Jackson in Lawrenceville today for auto collision resolution.