wrongful death lawsuit-georgia-compensation

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Compensation in Georgia

Deadly accidents of any kind that kill a loved one have traumatic and devastating effects on those left behind—especially if the accident were preventable. Whether the accident was traffic-related, a dog attack, or medical malpractice,

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Depositions in Georgia 101

In a personal injury case, witnesses can give testimony in court, but they can also supply a deposition. But what is a deposition, what does it entail, and how does it work in a lawsuit?

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personal injury lawyer in Redan

Mitigation in Georgia 101

Personal injuries can cause devastating circumstances for the victim and their loved ones. Anything from dog bites to car accidents and burns to slips and falls, personal injury lawyers in Atlanta, GA can help you

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point system-dmv-georgia

Georgia’s DMV Point System

In the Peach State, Georgians need to think of the act of driving like cross-country running—the fewer number of points you have, the better. As car accident lawyers, we’ve seen a lot of Georgians unaware

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police report-amend-georgia

How to Amend a Georgia Police Report

Once you call 911 to report an incident, crime, or accident, one of the responding officers will begin completing a police report, as any skilled lawyer knows. As a physical record of an incident or

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uber accidents-immediate-action

What to Do After Uber Accidents

Did you know that Uber accidents happen surprisingly often? Now a thing of the past, taxis began to get popularly replaced starting in March of 2009 when Uber came on the scene. While it offers

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