Can I File A Personal Injury Claim for Dental Injuries in Carrollton, Georgia?

When you sustain injuries to your teeth or dental injuries, you are possibly going to be in a lot of pain, but your appearance, your ability to talk, and your ability to eat, also can all be affected. These are very common injuries that occur in many different types of accidents, coming up frequently in personal injury claims. There’s a good chance that you have other injuries, as well, since dental injuries often happen in accidents that cause various different types of injuries. For example, you might have other injuries to your face or head, or you might have additional injuries to other parts of your body. This can happen in an auto accident, in a slip and fall accident, or in a fall from a height. They can also happen in work accidents, sports accidents, and are particularly common in cases of intentional assault.

Because it is so common for other injuries to occur at the same time as dental injuries, the damage to your teeth may have to take a back seat to other needed treatments. You could be in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, with broken bones, or with injuries that require surgery. All of this could prevent you from getting dental care as quickly as you would need it to save your teeth. By the time you get to the dentist, it may be impossible to save your teeth, and you may have to deal with a lot of pain and impairment until you are able to do anything about it. Then, whether you require surgery, tooth removal, or other dental procedures, you have to deal with the healing process and the expense.

How Dental Injuries Occur in Different Carrollton, Georgia, Personal Injury Accidents

Every day, you face a variety of hazards in your personal life and work life. You could get into an auto accident, end

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up with a sports injury, be injured at work, or have an accident in someone else’s home or on public property. In auto accidents, dental injuries often occur because of the face slamming into the dash board or the steering wheel. Even air bags have caused damage to auto accident victims’ teeth. In sports, it is quite common for players to get hit in the face by a ball or to sustain dental injuries when striking the ground. Whenever your teeth are damaged because of impacting an object (or being struck by an object), this is called a direct dental injury. Whenever your teeth are damaged because the force of an impact caused your mouth to slam shut, this is called an indirect dental injury.

There are three primary types of dental injuries that the Carrollton, Georgia, personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of John B. Jackson see quite often. These are avulsed tooth injuries, tooth luxation injuries, and fractured tooth injuries. These are not the only dental injuries that can occur, but they are the ones that happen most often, and all require dental treatment.

When a Dental Injury Involves an Avulsed Tooth in a Carrollton, Georgia, Personal Injury Claim

An avulsed tooth injury is one that involves the total loss of a tooth. It happens when the tooth is knocked out of its socket. If the tooth itself is not damaged, and if it is handled correctly and quickly, it is often possible to fix such an injury by putting the tooth back in its socket and allowing it to heal. However, to do this, there are a few important steps that have to be taken:

  1. You must find the tooth quickly.
  2. You must handle the tooth by the crown only.
  3. You must place the tooth in salt water or milk in a clean container.
  4. You must get to the dentist within two hours.

Unfortunately, these steps are not always possible. The tooth might be too damaged. The tooth might be completely lost, especially in an auto accident or other incident with a lot of debris. You may have other injuries that are severe enough to override the need to find the tooth and get to the dentist quickly. It is very common for dental injuries to take a back seat to other more severe injuries. If you are rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries, fractures, head trauma, or other injuries, then the missing tooth (or teeth) is likely to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. When you do finally get to see a dentist, you may be able to correct the issue with a dental implant or a plate of false teeth.

When a Dental Injury Involves a Tooth Luxation in a Carrollton, Georgia, Personal Injury Claim

A tooth luxation is an injury where the tooth is knocked loose. Sometimes, the tooth is also fractured, but in many cases, it can be saved. If you get to the dentist quickly enough, then they can often push the tooth back into its socket and allow it to heal. If your trip to the dentist must be delayed by other more pressing injuries, then you should avoid touching the tooth with your tongue or other teeth, try to only chew on the opposite side, and get to the dentist as quickly if you can. If there is additional damage, or if you don’t get to the dentist in time to save the tooth, then it may end up being pulled. In such cases, you may be able to replace it with a dental implant, or again, use a partial denture plate (usually only necessary when multiple teeth are affected and lost).

When a Dental Injury Involves a Fractured Tooth in a Carrollton, Georgia, Personal Injury Claim

A fractured tooth is one in which the tooth is broken. These types of dental injuries range in severity from Ellis I to Ellis III. An Ellis I tooth fracture is one that is not terribly painful and only involves the crown of the tooth. An Ellis II tooth fracture is one in which the tooth is damaged into the enamel and dentin. This can cause some discoloration, pain, and sensitivity. An Ellis III fracture is one where the tooth is damaged through the enamel and dentin and into the pulp of the tooth. You will notice more pain and sensitivity along with discoloration that is pink or red. There may even be bleeding.  Some tooth fractures can be repaired, while others will result in the loss of the tooth.

Did You Lose a Tooth Due to Someone Else’s Negligence in Carrollton, Georgia?

If you have lost a tooth or sustained any other dental injuries in a Carrollton, Georgia, accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may be able to recover compensation for the expense of repairing the damage and the pain and suffering. Whether the tooth injury is by itself or in addition to other injuries, you will want to talk to a Carrollton, Georgia, personal injury attorney about your claim. Call the attorneys at the Law Office of John B. Jackson to get a free consultation and learn more.