Can You Choose a Personal Injury Attorney Outside Carrollton Georgia?

There are many misconceptions about hiring personal injury attorneys in Georgia. Most people don’t find themselves in the position of filing a personal injury claim more than once or twice in their lives, and if this is your first time, you may not know what to do or how to do it. In fact, many people don’t even know when it is reasonable and wise to hire a personal injury attorney in Georgia or whether or not they have to find one in their own city or if they should look for one in the city of the liable party or the city where the accident actually occurred.

Most people suffering from personal injuries in Georgia make the inaccurate assumption that they are required to seek legal advice and representation from someone in their own area or in the area of the liable party. Others assume that they should choose an attorney in the area where the accident happened. None of this is true. Attorneys are licensed by state, not town, city, or county. This means that if the attorney is licensed in the state of Georgia, it doesn’t matter where the accident happened, where you live in Georgia, or where the defendant lives in Georgia. In fact, there may be other concerns, such as when the accident occurred outside of Georgia or when the defendant lives outside of Georgia – or if the defendant is in Georgia, but you are not. It can be confusing to know where you can turn for legal guidance.

Should You Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Your City?

This is entirely up to you. You might feel better with an attorney who is in your city or your area. This could prove more convenient for your needs, and you may have friends or relatives with experience dealing with a local attorney. It is your decision to choose from the local options or find an attorney outside of your area. Our advice is to research several Georgia personal injury attorneys before making a decision, and to not restrict yourself to the local options. This is because, in many situations, you may live in a very small town or county, and you might not have a lot of options in your area. You may also find that an attorney who is outside of your own local community has more experience and a better success rate, better client reviews, and/or a smaller case load that allows him or her to better address your needs.

Personal injury attorneys usually offer a free initial consultation, just like we do at The Law Office of John B. Jackson. This means that you can seek out multiple consultations, if you wish to, after researching the qualifications and client reviews of many Georgia personal injury attorneys. You should be able to feel comfortable and confident with any attorney that you decide to work with, no matter where they are located within the state.

What Should You Look for in a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney?

More important than where the personal injury attorney is located in Georgia (though location can be important when it comes to your convenience), is the experience and skills of the attorney that you choose. Equally important is the rapport that you are able to develop with any personal injury attorney that you consider working with in Georgia.

You should focus your attention on attorneys who are near enough to your location to avoid unnecessary lengthy travel, but you should not limit yourself to those in your own county or city, and you should never feel that you have to choose an attorney who is far away from you just because the accident occurred in a location that is far from you or because the defendant lives far from you. You can choose any attorney who is licensed within the state of Georgia.

Research the attorneys near you and in the surrounding towns and counties. Ask friends and relatives if they can recommend any. Create a list of possible options, and narrow that list down through researching reviews and experience before seeking consultations. Once you’ve narrowed the list down to two to four attorneys, start calling and scheduling consultations. At the consultation, you should bring any information and evidence that you have for your personal injury claim and take the time to discuss your case with each attorney before making your final decision on whom to hire to represent you.

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