When a Car Crash Kills an Artist

Georgia is renowned for its plethora of artists. Musicians, painters, models, and dancers are just some of the artists that call Georgia their home. However, what happens when an artist is killed in a car crash? This artist was a passenger in a vehicle that was having mechanical troubles in the owner’s car. Unfortunately, during the inspection, the artist was hit by a vehicle that took her life. The former Fast and Furious 7 and Hunger Games actress was expected to pursue an active acting career. She will be missed in subsequent movies and the world will always be without the artist. However, we must find justice. The question remains: who was at fault?


The Fault and Public Blame


At this point, it is difficult to say who was at fault. However, public sentiment often leans one of two ways. The first way tends to look at actresses and actors as pursuing a career that places him or her above everyone else. In other words, acting is viewed as a career that propels people forward without real effort. This overlooks the fact that actors and actresses often have to pursue acting alongside a part time job that does not accumulate money, but simply sustains a lifetime. Conversely, we often perceive actors and actresses who have been involved in big budget films to be different from the average person. However, the eyes of the law hold each person equal. In other words, so long as you know that you are entitled to the same rights as everyone else, be sure that justice will be served.


What If Someone Has More Money Than Me?


Often times, it seems that money is the deciding factor in determining who wins a case. Consider this: many federal offenders have hired large firms to represent them and the defender has hired smaller firms to represent their case and won. All that matters is what is said in court and how representation takes place. In other words, the size of your representation matters much less than how you are represented. Make sure that you are aware of the laws in Georgia. Often times, people in Georgia are unaware of the rights that they are entitled to. Do not be one of those people!


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