Parking Lot Collisions in Carrollton, Georgia: Avoiding Them

You get a certain sense of safety and confidence when you pull off the road and turn into a parking lot. You tend to feel invulnerable and lower your guard. Don’t! Many accidents occur in this seemingly harm-free atmosphere. So, avoiding a parking lot car accident in Carrollton, GA, is something you should take seriously.

However, parking lot accidents can happen to the most careful drivers. An experienced Carrollton car accident lawyer can help you get compensation in such an instance. However, despite the possibility of financial settlement, we all want to avoid getting into crashes and sustaining any degree of injury.

This article discusses the types of crashes that happen in the parking lot, how to avoid them, and how to get compensation if you get injured in one.

Types of Crashes in Parking Lots 

We don’t become immune to accidents when we enter a parking lot, and so until you get your car in a parking position, you need to remain careful. Here are three types of crashes that occur in parking lots.

  • Backward Movement Crashes 

This type of collision happens when a driver pulls out of a parking position by a reversal and rams into the side of a moving car. When this type of collision occurs, the driver who reverses is sandwiched between parked cars, obstructing their view. It is also possible for a crash to occur when two vehicles are pulling out of opposite parking spaces, which are coincidentally on the same lane.

  • Forward Movement Crashes 

The forward movement crash occurs when a driver pulls out of a parking position in the forward direction and collides with a moving car. This usually happens when the driver pulling forward doesn’t correctly observe the traffic situation ahead.

  • Rear-End Accidents 

Rear-end accidents could happen when you obey a stop sign only to have a car ram into yours from the back. In this scenario, the driver who came from behind is almost always the at-fault party. Therefore, it is a common and popular driving precaution for drivers to keep a safe distance from the car directly ahead.

How To Avoid Parking Lot Accidents 

You can avoid spending a sizable portion of your next paycheck fixing a car you damaged in a parking lot accident. If the occurrence caused any injuries, medical bills would most likely follow. All you need to do to prevent these unnecessary expenses is observe these simple precautions.

  • Increase Your Awareness 

The primary reason why parking lot accidents occur so quickly is that cars tend to move in many directions. Be conscious of every movement and light around your vehicle. Your awareness has to increase rather than decrease, primarily when you use some parking lots that are almost as busy as major roads. Make sure to thoroughly look around and especially behind you, whenever you intend to pull out of a parking space.

  • Don’t Speed 

The parking lot is the wrong place to put your foot hard on the gas. Driving at high speeds will reduce your time to respond to unexpected circumstances. You also will find it difficult to properly observe your surroundings for moving cars and pedestrians when you are speeding off.

  • Observe and Use Traffic Signals 

Traffic signals in the parking lot help create order and reduce the number of accidents. You are less likely to get involved in a crash when you obey them. Don’t forget to use a trafficator too. Applying the appropriate direction indicators when entering a parking space or a different lane will help other motorists understand your intentions.

  • Avoid the Use of Cellphones 

Cellphones are a significant distraction for drivers in the parking lot like on regular roads. To maintain focus and concentration, resist the urge to use your phone while in the parking lot. It’s best to give your undivided attention to parking your vehicle before using your cellphone.

Get Compensation for Parking Lot Accidents in Carrollton

It is possible to observe every parking lot precaution and still get hit by a careless driver in Carrollton. If this has happened to you, you can get compensation to fix any damage on your car and foot the bills for quality medical treatment. The Carrollton auto accident attorneys at the Law Office of John B. Jackson are available to discuss your needs.

We are well equipped and experienced for the challenge of negotiating a worthy compensation, filing your compensation claim, and representing you in court. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to pay our fees until we win. Contact us now for a free consultation.