Do I Have to Wait for My Insurance Claim to Be Denied Before I Hire a Lawyer?

Some people don’t think it makes sense to hire a Carrollton accident attorney until they know their insurance claim has been denied. What they don’t understand is that the insurance companies often try to take advantage of accident victims. It’s in their best interest to pay as few claims as possible. If they don’t think you’re represented by a car accident lawyer in Carrollton, they may try to take advantage of you.

For example, they may tell you that you didn’t file your insurance claim on time. Or they’ll say that they believe you were the one responsible for the crash. If they find out that you’re represented by an attorney, however, they may be more willing to give your claim top priority. It’s also good to know that if your claim is denied for any reason, you have a lawyer there in your corner fighting for you.

Your Car Accident Lawyer in Carrollton Will Make Sure Your Insurance Claim is Handled Properly

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with the insurance company is having them ignore your phone calls and emails. While you’re home waiting to find out if your medical care will be covered, the insurance adjuster is pushing your claim to the back burner. They figure they can take as long as they want because there’s nothing you can do about it. It isn’t until they find out that you are represented by an attorney that they change their tune.

Another reason why it’s important to hire a Carrollton accident attorney early on is that you won’t have to worry about the insurance adjuster trying to convince you to take a lowball settlement. Many insurance companies realize that accident victims are strapped for cash. Nobody has the extra money to pay for thousands of dollars in medical bills. They figure that you’ll accept whatever offer they make you because you don’t know any better.

One thing that your car accident lawyer in Carrollton will tell you is to never sign the settlement release without them looking at it. If the offer isn’t fair, or your attorney thinks they can get you more money, they will recommend that you not sign the agreement. At that point, they will reach out to the insurance adjuster and try to negotiate a much better settlement.

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If Need Be, Your Attorney Can Help File an Appeal

Ideally, your insurance claim will be paid right away, and you won’t have to worry about filing an appeal. In fact, most insurance claims are paid within a week or two of being filed. However, if your claim happens to be large, the insurance carrier knows that they can settle for much less down the road. This is sometimes enough of an incentive to convince them to deny your claim and worry about paying it later.

Once you realize that your insurance claim has been denied, you should let your Carrollton accident attorney know right away. You only have a certain period in which to file your appeal. Your lawyer will not only make sure that your appeal is filed on time, but they will also put pressure on the insurance adjuster to pay your claim. Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to the insurance adjuster. However, our associates are very familiar with the tactics that these companies employ and have decades of combined experience dealing with them.

If Your Insurance Claim is Denied, Your Carrollton Accident Attorney Can File Suit

Every now and then, our car accident lawyers in Carrollton encounter an insurance adjuster who absolutely refuses to pay our client’s claim. If this is the case with you, your attorney has no problem filing a lawsuit against the other driver. When you sue the other driver, their insurance carrier is legally required to represent them in the matter. This means the insurance company will not only have to pay your claim, but they will also have to pay to defend the claim.

At this point, they may be more willing to discuss a settlement. They will not be able to contact you directly because you’re represented by an attorney. This means they will have to reach out directly to your Carrollton accident attorney and make an offer. Your attorney will never encourage you to accept the settlement that doesn’t cover your out-of-pocket expenses. Their goal is to get you as much money as possible.

Contact One of Our Car Accident Lawyers in Carrollton Sooner Rather than Later

In the days following your car accident, you have no idea whether the insurance company is going to approve your claim. All you’re worried about is the medical bills you’re going to have to pay. You also have no idea how you’re going to afford to fix your car. This is why we suggest that you contact one of our car accident lawyers in Carrollton sooner rather than later.

We offer all new clients a free, initial consultation. This gives you the opportunity to sit down with the seasoned attorney and discuss your case.

If you have not filed your insurance claim yet, your Carrollton accident attorney can certainly help you do that. If your claim has already been denied, your attorney will have no problem filing an appeal on your behalf. In most cases, once the insurance adjuster learns that you have an attorney, they are more willing to negotiate payment of your claim. However, if this isn’t the case, your car accident lawyer in Carrollton will file a lawsuit against the other driver.

We recommend that you call our office today so you can schedule a date and time to come into the office. Once we’ve had a chance to thoroughly review your case, we will give you an idea of whether or not it’s worth pursuing.  Since the consultation is free, you have nothing to lose.