Who Will My Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer Sue for My Slip and Fall?

Any Carrollton personal injury lawyer knows that every year, more than a million people get injured in a slip and fall accident. And these are just the fall victims who go to the emergency room. It is estimated that an additional million people fall and do not visit the hospital. A lot of people don’t go to the hospital because they don’t think they’re hurt. Others are embarrassed to even report the fall and try to pretend it never happened.

If you happen to fall, whether it’s in a grocery store or at a friend’s party, you need to get checked out. You have no idea if you’re hurt or not. Even if you’re a doctor, there’s no way to know if you’re injured. That’s why it’s important that you go to the hospital after your fall. Once you get the medical care you need, you should call and talk to one of our experienced Carrollton personal injury lawyers.

Where Do Most Slip and Fall Cases Take Place?

Many slip and falls happen at work. These cases are covered by workers’ compensation. Many other slip and fall accidents happen in the home or on a commercial property. You could be out grocery shopping and slip in the produce section. Or you may be at a public building and fall on a wet floor. In either case, your Carrollton personal injury lawyer will have to pursue a third party for your injuries.

If it’s a store or restaurant, they’ll pursue the business owner. If it happens at a friend or neighbor’s home, then they’ll need to pursue the homeowner. Typically, this means you’ll be filing a claim against the homeowner’s insurance company. Ideally, your claim will be paid without any issues. If that isn’t the case, then you’ll probably need to talk to an attorney. They can negotiate with the building owner’s attorney or with their insurance adjuster.

Your Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer May Have to Sue Multiple Parties

The tricky thing with a slip and fall case is that you may have to pursue more than one person. For example, imagine that you fall inside a fast-food restaurant located inside a large retail store. Are you going to need to sue the fast-food place’s owner? Or do you need to file suit against the retail corporation? The good news is that you don’t have to figure this out on your own. Your Carrollton personal injury lawyer can figure this out for you.

The truth is you may have to sue both parties. You have no idea what the arrangement is between the restaurant and the retail store. There could be an indemnification clause the holds the retail company harmless for these accidents. Your attorney will review the necessary documents to find out who they need to pursue first.

It Depends on Who Owns the Property Where You Got Hurt

There’s also the chance that you may need to sue more than one property owner. If you fall at a friend’s house during a summer BBQ, you may not want to take any legal action. You’re afraid that it will destroy your relationship with your friend or neighbor. The truth is that your Carrollton personal injury lawyer is going to deal with the insurance company.

It is rare that they will have to sue the homeowner personally. That would only happen if the insurance company refused to take any responsibility for your injuries. If your friend owns their own home, you’ll file your claim against their homeowner’s policy. If they rent their home, your attorney will need to pursue a claim against their landlord’s homeowner’s policy. It just depends on who owns the property.

Call to Talk to an Experienced Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

If you suffer a slip and fall, regardless of where it happens, you need to call a Carrollton personal injury lawyer. They can help you file your insurance claim. If your claim has already been denied, they’ll try to negotiate payment with the insurance adjuster. They can also help figure out who you need to pursue. It all depends on where the fall took place. It also depends on who owns that property.

There’s always the chance that you may have to sue more than one party. The good news is that your attorney will handle all of this for you. What you have to do is call and schedule your free, initial consultation. Sit down with a Carrollton personal injury lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve.