Can You Claim What You Paid in a Deductible for Health Insurance?

How can you handle medical debt or bills after a crash? Many people find that they pay for the deductible with their health insurance, but the big question is how you can recover that as part of your compensation. Through a car accident insurance claim, you might have the opportunity to include that in your demand letter. However, most insurance policies work with the idea that you were already prepared to pay that deductible in the event of an accident.

Your health insurance and your deductible are usually seen as your responsibility. But the critical element is to always bring those factors back to the relevance of the crash. If the crash had not happened, then you would not have had to pay the deductible for so many hospital visits, surgery, rehabilitation therapy, or your doctor’s appointments. Usually, it takes thousands of dollars in payments before a person hits their ‘cap’ on their health insurance regarding payments and deductibles.

Why You Shouldn’t Make Any Medical Payments Before Crash Resolution

There are a lot of different ways to handle your medical needs after a collision. Some people carry a personal injury protection policy on their insurance plan, and others have access to med pay coverage. In most cases, car insurance policies will include liability coverage for medical expenses. However, those benefits of the policy are only available to the victims of a collision where the insured driver is liable.

When you are the one who was injured as part of an accident and the other driver is liable, you may have some reservations about seeking out medical health and how you would pay for that. Many people will simply go through the steps of what the medical team from the hospital suggested. The medical team at the hospital where you were taken to after the crash may have specific instructions on which specialists you should see and how you should resolve your injuries.

However, many more people are comfortable with seeing their own doctor and working within their health insurance medical network. It is absolutely possible to forward copies of your health insurance bills to the car accident insurance policies involved in the crash. You shouldn’t make any medical payments before your crash reaches a resolution, and you can ensure that you do this without negative financial repercussions by obtaining a medical leave.

What You Should Know About a Medical Lien

A medical lien is a tool that insurance providers use alongside attorneys at times to ensure that the victim isn’t pressured to pay medical bills are not responsible for. This medical lien will essentially put a hold on all outstanding medical debt until the crash plane has reached a resolution. At that point, the medical lien receives payment prior to the victim receiving any excess cash payments from the settlement or compensation award.

If you are able to obtain a medical lien, then you would not have been pressured to even pay copays or the deductible before reaching a resolution. You may still have to take a part of the burden when it comes to these factors, but it is more likely that she will seek compensation for copays and similar expenses.

In the event that a passenger was injured, you might explore whether or not your insurance policy includes medical payment coverage. This type of coverage allows compensation for a passenger’s medical expenses regardless of who was at fault for the crash.

LeadingYour Case with a Douglasville Auto Accident Attorney

In any accident, you’ll need support after a crash, and you’ll get the most support from an auto accident attorney right here in Douglasville. Wrist accidents may bring on a hefty amount of medical bills, lost wages, and of course, property damage as well. If you have already made medical payments, then you might need help in handling the rest of your medical debt. You may even want to recover the amount that you paid as a result of the crash.

You can include deductibles and copays from your health insurance that you’ve paid while seeking medical treatment. You may even have extensively high medical bills from going to a hospital or getting emergency care from a facility outside of your network. It’s possible that you’ll need a medical lien and further guidance from a Douglasville auto accident attorney. Reaching out or connecting with John B. Jackson can help you get more information and insight into your crash and your crash injuries.