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Personal Injury Law

The law is on your side if you have been hurt by another’s negligence. You have the right to recover the full costs of medical bills and expenses connected to your accident. John B. Jackson & Associates has been representing personal injury cases from the Duluth, GA area for more than 20 years. We can help you regardless of what type of injury you’ve sustained.
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Two Important Steps in a Personal Injury Case

Being injured is painful. It is also stressful. You may be concerned about your occupation, money, and long-term recovery. The prospect of hunting down compensation can appear frustrating and difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. There are two measures you have to take to get started toward your settlement:
Step one, contact a personal injury law firm near Duluth. The insurer may be your own or representing another party. Either way, they are not on your side. The insurer has one aim: to pay you as little as possible, even though it could mean that you can’t afford care.
Step two, don’t sign anything from the insurance company until you speak to a personal injury lawyer in Duluth. The first thing an insurance company is going to do is offer you money. Is tempting to take this cash, especially if your doctor bills, rent, or other expenses are piling up. But this amount is often only a fraction of what you deserve, and to get it you have to sign your rights for further compensation away.

What if your injury makes you miss work?

What if you miss weeks or months of work as you recover? A lawyer can help you to get the entire amount of missed wages you’re owed if you don’t sign anything. Let us help you by calling 770.988.6155. Schedule a free consultation with our Duluth injury lawyers today.

Duluth Personal Injury Practice Areas

The Law Office of John B. Jackson covers the following personal injury cases:

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What If The Insurance Company Won't Pay The Full Value of My Car?

How do I know whether I have an injury case?

The only way to know for sure is to talk to a professional. A lot of people are quick to blame themselves for accidents. But it is likely the injuries could have been prevented by the other involved individual. Personal injury claims occasionally result in a six-figure or even seven-figure settlements. If it was due to someone else’s negligence any crash can be grounds for an injury case.

Do I have to go to court in a Duluth injury claim?

In most cases no, you don’t have to. Our attorneys see instances that get resolved either by negotiating with the insurance provider or settling out of local court. In most cases, the insurance company does not want to go to court. In some cases, it might be worth it to pursue a case in court. When the verdict amount might be much more than that which the insurance company offers court should be considered. Your attorney will guide you through the court process and they will be at your side each step.
It won’t cost you until your attorney gets you compensation, we take a percentage of your settlement. Our payment arrangement is straightforward: You pay nothing for your first consultation or additional consultations. You pay nothing out of pocket, ever. We design our fees this way so that hiring a lawyer is a zero risk alternative for you.

How long do I have to file an injury case?

You need to act quickly. The deadlines for claims in the city of Duluth are decided by Georgia law. In many cases you will have up to 2 years to file a lawsuit, but there are scenarios with much shorter deadlines. In all cases, the sooner you talk to a lawyer the better.

Talk to a Duluth Personal Injury Lawyer for Free

If you’ve been hurt you shouldn’t leave your compensation up to chance. Get a professional to evaluate your situation and help you get the money and that the treatment that you have earned. The Law Office of John B. Jackson believes in working on behalf of accident victims, never corporations. We offer a free consultation with some of the most experienced accident attorneys in the nation. Get in touch with us at 770.988.6155 or complete the form to your right today, and get your FREE consultation.