The aftermath of an auto accident can easily become overwhelming. You might be facing a pile of medical bills, and you might be not able to work and support your loved ones. You might be struggling with severe pain and disability. But you don’t have to confront these effects and you shouldn’t have to cover them. In case you have injuries from a car accident that wasn’t your fault, the law lets you recover money to cover your expenses and much more. You need to talk to a Duluth, GA, car accident lawyer.

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How Long Do I Have to File an Auto Accident Claim?

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Will insurance cover my automobile accident?

Usually it does, but insurance companies won’t always make you a fair deal. In the state of Georgia, all vehicle owners are supposed to carry at least a minimal level of insurance. This means that in car accident cases, you can get paid through a claim with an insurance company and you do not have to file a lawsuit. Even though insurance usually covers accidents, you will see that the insurance company will almost never offer you exactly what your claim is worth. That is the reason it is always important to talk to a lawyer following a car accident. You do still have the right to compensation if the other driver was uninsured. You can (and should) create a car incident claim whether insurance is involved or not.

Who is at fault in a car accident in Duluth?

The man or woman who is at fault in your injury should pay for all your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. For this reason, fault is a significant element in any car accident claim in Georgia. Most of the time might have prevented the injury by being more careful or just following traffic laws. When there is a driver who is careless or breaks the law, they are negligent and the injury is their fault. It doesn’t matter that the motorist didn’t mean to hurt you. Their insurance company still must pay. Various kinds of behavior can be referred to as negligence such as speeding, tailgating while driving, and distracted driving accidents.

How can I be sure I have a car accident case?

We see lots of vehicle accident victims who blame themselves or think they simply had a freak accident. But accidents are looked at by the law. You have a valid claim if somebody else is at fault. The best way to understand whether your claim is valid is to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

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Determining the Worth of Your Claim

How much money can I recover?

Georgia legislation is generous with accident victims, letting them regain all their costs and damages. This implies that in most cases you will be eligible for money for all these costs:

This cash may never give you back what you lost from the accident, but it might provide a means to alleviate yourself and your loved ones.

How do I know if my injury is going to be covered?

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, all of your injuries should be covered. We often see accident victims get cash for these kinds of injuries:

Some injuries need emergency treatment, but others don’t have symptoms until hours, days or even weeks after the accident. We advise that you visit the doctor as soon as you can after a crash because injuries can get worse if you don’t take care of them. A prompt trip to the physician helps show the insurer how serious your injuries are, along with shortening your recovery time.

Won’t I get insurance cash even when I don’t have a lawyer?

A lawyer can be an advocate for you, assisting you to get the full amount of money you are entitled to. It’s important to see that it’s probably much less than your claim’s price. That is because insurance companies operate for gain, so this means you don’t get enough to pay for your care. If you choose the insurance carrier offer, you will sign away your right to recover possibly more in the future. Car accident lawyers in Duluth, Georgia have experience dealing with insurance companies. They know what it takes to receive the insurance company to pay you a reasonable amount. We begin every case having an investigation. You are also sent by us to doctors who gauge the cost of your injury and can evaluate you. This is often enough to persuade the insurance company to provide you considerably more cash.

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