When a Carrollton, Georgia, Auto Accident Results in Spinal Cord Injuries

If you have been in a Carrollton, Georgia, auto accident that resulted in spinal injuries, you are far from being alone in your plight. Roughly half of all US spinal cord injuries are related to auto accidents. There are multiple causes, including the force of the impact causing your body and spine to turn further than possible without injury and the likelihood of being crushed or impacted by other objects. In some cases the spinal column compresses, causing injury. In others, the body simply can’t withstand the force of the impact and the spinal cord is damaged. A spinal cord injury can completely change your life forever in many cases. In other cases, you may have a better outcome and will only be out of commission until the injury heals. You may be able to get surgical treatment or bed rest to allow it to heal, or you may end up with paralysis that can’t be cured. It all depends on the severity of your injury and what happens next.

When Carrollton, Georgia, Auto Accidents Cause Spinal Disc Injuries

The spinal discs are one part of the spine that can become injured in a Carrollton, Georgia, auto accident. These are

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the parts of the spine that cushion your spinal bones or vertebrae. There are multiple ways that they can become injured, but these injuries will not usually result in paralysis or injury to the spinal cord. Rather, they are often slipped, herniated, or bulging, and despite the terrible pain they cause, they can be fixed with surgery. Even so, if you do not receive the proper treatment or if the disc is damaged in such a way that it puts pressure on your spinal cord, then the injury could become more serious. The most common symptoms of disc injuries include a shooting pain from your spine to your limbs. For instance, these injuries are quite common in the lower back or lumbar region, and they frequently send shooting pains down the legs.

When Carrollton, Georgia, Auto Accidents Cause Spinal Injuries that Result in Paralysis

When your actual spinal cord is damaged in a Toledo, Ohio, auto accident, you can end up paralyzed. This is one reason that you are instructed not to move an injured person after a motor vehicle collision unless it is absolutely necessary. If someone’s spinal cord is damaged, then moving them could cause further damage. The person might avoid paralysis if they are immobilized and treated appropriately, and if they are lucky to not have a more severe spinal cord injury. Paralysis causes a person to lose the feeling and the functioning of parts of their body because of nerve damage in the spinal cord. Following are the different types of paralysis that may occur:

When you are in an auto accident in Carrollton, Georgia, that results in serious spinal cord damage, you could become permanently paralyzed. In some cases, a person who is paralyzed may regain some sensation or functioning in the affected body parts, but it is very common for the injured person to never regain such functioning or sensation. There are different types of paralysis that you may end up with. These include paraplegia, quadriplegia, monoplegia, and hemiplegia. Paraplegia is when you are paralyzed in the lower half of your body, including your legs and pelvis. This often results in needing a wheelchair and ongoing care. Quadriplegia is also known as Tetraplegia, and this is where you are paralyzed in all of your limbs and your trunk, below the neck. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be bedridden. There are wheelchairs that are designed for quadriplegic patients, though you will require ongoing care and assistance. Monoplegia is the least severe form of paralysis because it only affects one limb. Then, there is hemiplegia, which affects one side of your body.

Paralysis Symptoms You May Experience Following a Carrollton, Georgia, Auto Accident

The most common symptoms of paralysis following a Carrollton, Georgia, auto accident include loss of sensation in the affected regions and tingling or numbness. These are things you might expect, but there are other symptoms that people are less likely to anticipate. For instance, you might not expect the spasms and exaggerated reflexes. Many people picture paralysis as being unable to move, and it is that, but it can also cause movements that you can’t control. You may also find it very difficult to breathe, and you may lose control of your bladder and your bowels. In the immediate aftermath of an auto accident, finding that you can’t move a part of your body is often enough to spark panic. It is important to understand that you could have injuries that make you lose sensation in your limbs even if you are not paralyzed. The best thing to do is to stay as still as possible and wait for help.

Treatment and Expenses of Carrollton, Georgia, Auto Accidents that Cause Paralysis

When you are in a Carrollton, Georgia, auto accident that causes paralysis, you can expect to have tremendous medical expenses. The costs of treatment are one thing, reaching millions of dollars. Then, you have the cost of your ongoing care, surgical treatments, and the necessity of moving or remodeling your home to accommodate your condition. Fortunately, you will usually be able to file an auto insurance claim to recover compensation for your expenses for treatment, medical devices, ongoing care, lost quality of life, lost wages and earning potential, pain and suffering, and psychological trauma.

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