How Are Pain and Suffering Determined in Car Accidents?

When you are in a car accident, you will likely suffer both physical injuries and damage to your car.  You may have heard of the term pain and suffering.  It is important to understand what pain and suffering is because Georgia still allows compensation for pain and suffering. Contact a car accident lawyer to help you understand pain and suffering.

What Exactly is Pain and Suffering?

There are different types of damages that can result from a car accident. The distinction basically comes down to financial damages versus non-financial damages. Here are the two main types:

  • Intangible Damages

Damages for things aren’t in dollars and cents are intangible damages. They are non-economic in nature and are hard to measure. They include emotional distress. For example, if you were in a near-fatal car accident, you may be afraid to drive after the accident. This will have a serious impact on your life. You have entitlement to damages for this fear. Some other types of emotional distress would be depression, anxiety, and stress. These are things you can’t physically fix. You can’t get a surgery and make them go away. They are measured on an individual basis. Pain and suffering are similar to these types of damages. You should be compensated for the pain the injuries have caused.

  • Economic Damages

The most common types of damages from a car accident are economic damages. They are easy to quantify. You can show medical bills or repair invoices. You can show documentation for time missed from work. Make sure you give your car accident attorney all of your records and receipts so you can claim economic damages.

Pain and suffering can be hard to quantify. Your attorney will work hard to settle your case. This way, you don’t have to actually prove pain and suffering to a jury. The range for pain and suffering can be low to high. They depend on how serious your accident was and how extensive your injuries are.

How a Car Accident Lawyer in Carrollton Can Help

If you are in an accident, you want to call a car accident lawyer in Carrollton right away. Once you seek the medical attention you need, call for a free consultation. The Law Office of John B. Jackson will evaluate your case for free.

An experienced car accident lawyer will know right away if you have a case. He will look at the injuries you have suffered and will look at documentation from the accident to see if you were at fault. He can look at your economic loss and get an idea of how much your case is worth.

One important thing your lawyer will do is evaluate your pain and suffering. He can base your case on the history of how juries award pain and suffering damages in your county.  He will also contact the insurance company to see if the case can be settled.

If the other driver has an attorney, your attorney will reach out to him. The two will discuss the case and see if it can reach a settlement. This is in everyone’s best interests. Trials can be expensive, and they take a lot of time.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Carrollton

You are going to want a strong car accident attorney in Carrollton, GA. That is why you should call the Law Office of John B. Jackson.  There is no cap on pain and suffering in Georgia. Your attorney will fight to get you the money you deserve. He will look at your pain and suffering and estimate how much they are worth.

Your car accident attorney will look at the following things to determine your pain and suffering:

  • How severe were your injuries? Did you walk away with minor scrapes and bruises? Or did you suffer broken bones and need surgery?
  • Is your pain mild or severe? Are you able to perform basic functions with your pain? The more severe your pain, the greater the damages.
  • Is the pain temporary? Will you be better in a few weeks or months? How long will you be affected by the pain caused by the accident?
  • Did you lose your job because you’re in too much pain to perform? Have you lost wages because of the accident? Did you have to go from full-time to part-time or change positions?
  • How is your family affected? You’re not the only one affected by your accident. Your spouse, kids or parents may also be affected. You need to discuss this with your car accident lawyer. You have entitlement to damages for how your life with your family will change.

Contact your car accident lawyer in Carrollton, GA for a free consultation. Call The Law Office of John B. Jackson. Bring all documentation from your accident to your car accident lawyer’s office.