If you’ve been hurt in Acworth, GA, you may be out of work and wondering how you will pay the invoices. But you don’t need to pay for an injury that somebody else caused. A personal injury lawyer in Acworth can help you to get the financial relief you want.

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Personal Injury Law

At The Law Office of John B. Jackson our entire law practice is developed on helping people. John B. Jackson began practicing in 2007 as a small neighborhood law practice, but we have since grown into a large, successful company aggressively deals with insurers. Our attorneys know what they will need to do in order to get you the cash you have earned. We’d love to give a free consultation to discuss your case to you. Get in touch with us at 770.988.6155 and receive your free consultation today.

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What Are the Most Important Things to Do When I’m Injured?

Speak with a medical professional about any injuries. Even if they appear minor your injuries could be life threatening. Any injury can result in complications and be a great deal more expensive and irritating than you originally thought. Protect your rights and the best thing you can do for yourself is to move with caution.

Never take money from an insurance carrier or sign paperwork straight away. Insurance companies will swoop in and offer cash. You may be glad to spend the cash, particularly if you’re worried about how you’re going to cover your medical bills, but insurance companies aren’t giving cash because they want to help you. They are hoping you’ll take the quick cash and sign away your right to recover any more cash – before you determine your accidents will cost a lot more than you expected. Do not accept an insurer check, sign paperwork or make a statement.

Always consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The time you spend using a totally free consultation can insure you receive thousands of dollars more on your injuries. Acworth personal injury lawyers work on cases and they will know exactly what it will take to get income from the insurance company and whether you have a claim that is strong. A fantastic lawyer in the city of Acworth can also consult with a physician who will diagnose your condition and give you a full assessment of its cost.

What Counts As a Valid Personal Injury Claim in Acworth?

A good guideline is that when an injury happened through no fault of your own, your claim is valid. But it can be hard to rate this on your own. Many men and women blame themselves for what happened or believe they were just unfortunate. However, the law doesn’t work like that. Injuries are generally preventable, and they occur because someone was careless, or negligent. Negligence is at the root of several automobile wrecks, slip and fall accidents and dog attacks. A negligent party did mean to hurt anyone, however, your accident occurred because of their carelessness, and their insurance company has to pay the cost of your injuries.

We work on these types of personal injury claims:

The Law Office of John B. Jackson is here to help with any personal injury claim. If you have been in a car accident, our car accident lawyers in Acworth can provide you with the best legal representation available.

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What If I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver?

Will I Have to Take My Personal Injury Claim to Court?

Most of our cases never wind up in court. If it does it’s because an insurance company flatly refuses to compromise because the insurance company thinks it has a stronger case than we do. This could happen because of evidence or the insurer thinking it could discredit your testimony. In case the insurance company is stubborn, we help you figure out whether to take it to court and will tell you how powerful we think your case is. Should you decide to go to court in Acworth, our litigation lawyers can continue to handle your situation all the way through trial.

But going to court is the exception, not the rule. Most of the time, we can force the insurance company to settle. Once we get there, we fight hard for you. We start every situation together with our investigation on the extent of your injuries and the way your accident happened. We provide facts and evidence showing the injuries you suffered to the insurance company. This often wins our clients a substantial sum of money.

What Will a Personal Injury Attorney Cost Me?

At The Law Office of John B. Jackson, we never ask our clients to pay out of pocket for our services. We simply don’t think it’s fair when you’re already struggling with an injury. Rather, we have an easy and affordable payment system:

This means the risk is taken by us, unless we’re able to recoup money for you and you don’t pay anything, ever.

Does Acworth Have a Deadline For Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

Yes, deadlines made by national and state laws must be followed by Acworth’s City. These deadlines aren’t 1 size fits all-they can vary based upon the circumstances of the injury. But the deadlines have something in common: it is unlikely that you will be able to recover any money for the injury should you miss the deadline for submitting a claim.

Some claims have a time limit-sometimes only a matter of weeks, although, many cases can be submitted within two years of this date you were hurt. To make sure that you don’t endure the consequences of missing a deadline, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney straight away.

Speak to an Acworth Personal Injury Lawyer

At The Law Office of John B. Jackson, we’ve got a 20-plus year history of helping people receive the money they require. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all the difference, and we’d love to show you what we could do to you. Speak with us near Acworth for a free consultation and we’ll explain your rights and help you begin your claim. Call us at 770.988.6155 or fill out the form and get your FREE consultation.