Medical bills may be only the beginning of the struggles you face after you’ve been injured in a car crash. You may have been forced to stop working, or you may be struggling to cope with an injury or pain. However, you don’t have to cover expenses from an accident that wasn’t your own fault. You can recover money to cover your injuries, vehicle damage and other costs of the crash. You have to speak to an Acworth car accident lawyer. Our Acworth, GA car accident lawyers getting money for auto crash victims for years. We’d like to give you a totally free consultation. Get in touch with The Law Office of John B. Jackson at (770)988-6155 now for your free consultation.

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What makes a car crash different from other types of accidents?

Car accidents are somewhat different than other accidents since they’re covered by auto insurance policies. Georgia law requires all vehicle owners to have insurance, and that usually means that the drivers involved have a minimal quantity of coverage to cover for both injuries and vehicle damage. There are also a number of different types of car accidents. Some are two-car collisions, but others are complex multi-car mishaps or equipment malfunctions.

Different kinds of car accidents we see include:

Severe accidents could possibly involve head injuries, permanent injuries or even death. Insurance companies must cover your injury, but oftentimes they are hesitant to pay claims out. To protect your rights, it is crucial to talk to a good auto accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

Who’s at fault for an Acworth car crash?

It is crucial to determine who is at fault because, in Georgia, the insurance company for the driver who’s at fault will have to pay for injuries and vehicle damage. In most accidents, the driver at fault was negligent. Negligence doesn’t mean the motorist intended to hurt you or intended to cause a crash. It just means that the driver caused the accident by being negligent. Examples of negligent behavior would be driving at an excessive speed or running a stop sign. A negligent driver may also have been tailgating, texting, driving under the influence or acting in an unsafe manner.

How do I know whether my injuries will be covered?

Potentially, any injury could be covered by a car incident claim, as long as it was caused by the crash. Examples of injuries include:

You might have been hurt right away, or it can take hours or days for your injuries to develop. Concussions and whiplash, for instance, typically don’t show any outward symptoms until at least several hours after the accident, and sometimes much longer. That is why we advise that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible even in the event that you believe you weren’t hurt. A doctor’s diagnosis can be key to your healing, and it can also help you win in an insurance claim. Our personal injury lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you file and settle your claim.

Will there be a limit on my settlement?

No. In the state of Georgia, you are able to recover 100 percent of your expenses from the motorist who caused your accident. The settlement will depend on the way the injury occurred, the type of injuries you sustained and other elements. But most car accident victims qualify for these kinds of costs:

Some automobile crash victims will also be eligible for substantial cash. This occurs in situations where you suffered a loss such as a disability or perhaps the loss of a family member. No quantity of money can compensate for this but the money can help relieve some financial stress.

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Why You Need An Attorney

Do I Require a Car Accident Lawyer?

It’s common for an insurance provider to offer cash after an accident. This may sound tempting, but it is nearly always far less than your claim is worth. They expect you’ll take their first offer and sign away the right to possibly more money. Automobile accident attorneys in Ackworth, Georgia are used to coping with all these insurance company tactics. An attorney can evaluate the insurance provider’s offer and build a case showing what your claim is worth. You can be referred by a lawyer to physicians who understand how to diagnose your injuries and determine what your future expenses may be. An attorney may also gather evidence and, armed with this information, deal with the insurance company to negotiate you a better offer.

How Do I Know If I Have a Valid Car Accident Case?

It can be hard to know on your own whether you’ve got a claim for 2 reasons. Accident victims are often too quick to blame themselves and believe that the injury was actually nobody’s fault. Secondly, accident victims don’t possess the legal training to appraise liability issues. As a result of this, it’s good to check with a car accident attorney about whether you have a legitimate claim.

Speak to an Acworth Car Accident Lawyer

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