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    Our Mission is to provide our clients with a network of innovative legal solutions, excellent legal representation and a dedication to quality customer service.

    It's every lawyer's dream to help shape the law, not just react to it.

    - John B. Jackson -

    Don't Make these MISTAKES

    5 Costly Mistakes of Personal Injury Cases and How to Avoid Them


    Auto Accidents

    A car accident can be a terrifying experience. The days and weeks following the crash can be just as confusing and unsettling.

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    Personal Injury

    Whether you were injured by a vehicle, by an animal, through malpractice or on the job, we will help you understand your options for securing the compensation you deserve.

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    Family Law

    We provide quality representation for all areas of family law, including adoptions, child custody, divorce, qualified domestic relations orders and pre-nuptial agreements.

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    Workers Compensation

    At The Law Office of John B. Jackson & Associates, LLC, we can provide the advocacy you need. Workers’ compensation law is too complex for you to consider this a minor issue that does not require an attorney.

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    Back-to-School Bus Accidents in Georgia

    Last week, schools in Carrollton, Georgia began another year of classes. With parents driving their children to and from school, to sports and drama practices, and with school buses on the roads, commuting times have gotten busier and longer. With more vehicles on the roads there is a higher risk for accidents. As everyone adjusts

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    Social Media Pitfalls in Georgia Injury Cases

    Technology has provided our society an immense amount of benefits. It facilitates communication and business transactions and allows for a massive exchange of information in an instant. One of the most frequent uses for technology is social networking through websites like Facebook and Twitter. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, over 58

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    Personal Injury Actions: What Are They?

    Once an accident or incident has occurred, the unfortunate individual can likely be devastated, found injured, and even in a financial crisis. Often in situations of a financial decline, the injured party has to borrow money to survive. Taking back the reigns on life can be the natural reaction. Your finances become the first step

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