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    Our Mission is to provide our clients with a network of innovative legal solutions, excellent legal representation and a dedication to quality customer service.

    It's every lawyer's dream to help shape the law, not just react to it.

    - John B. Jackson -

    Don't Make these MISTAKES

    5 Costly Mistakes of Personal Injury Cases and How to Avoid Them


    Auto Accidents

    A car accident can be a terrifying experience. The days and weeks following the crash can be just as confusing and unsettling.

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    Personal Injury

    Whether you were injured by a vehicle, by an animal, through malpractice or on the job, we will help you understand your options for securing the compensation you deserve.

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    Family Law

    We provide quality representation for all areas of family law, including adoptions, child custody, divorce, qualified domestic relations orders and pre-nuptial agreements.

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    Workers Compensation

    At The Law Office of John B. Jackson & Associates, LLC, we can provide the advocacy you need. Workers’ compensation law is too complex for you to consider this a minor issue that does not require an attorney.

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    The Personal Injury Claim Negotiation Process

    When you are pursuing compensation for your damages in a personal injury claim, there will be a process of negotiation between yourself with your attorney and the insurance company or the attorney of the individual or company that is responsible for your injuries. This can be a trying process which takes a lot of time

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    6 Important Tips for Protecting Yourself While Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim

    Filing a personal injury claim can be far more complicated than most realize, and there will be adversity along the way. When dealing with insurance claims adjusters and opposing counsel, there are multiple ways to get taken advantage of or misled into making the wrong decision. Following are six important tips for protecting yourself while

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    Most Common Workplace Injuries in Georgia

    Every day, workers in Georgia experience a variety of workplace accidents and injuries. While the circumstances and details of these injuries are unique to each individual case, there are some injuries that are more common than others. The Workplace Safety Index is a list of the most common types of workplace injuries, compiled by researchers

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