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«Nuestra misión es proporcionar a nuestros clientes una red de soluciones legales innovadoras, una excelente representación legal y una dedicación al servicio al cliente de calidad».

Durante más de una década, John ha centrado su práctica en lesiones personales, accidentes automovilísticos, lesiones personales y muertes injustas, y reclamaciones de compensación de trabajadores en Carrollton, Atlanta y Douglasville GA. También tiene una práctica doméstica limitada. Ha trabajado para una de las principales firmas de ensayos en los Estados Unidos en casos relacionados con responsabilidad por productos, accidentes de camiones y accidentes de vehículos motorizados con lesiones que van desde lesiones de tejidos blandos hasta muertes. John ha trabajado para las compañías de seguros y sabe cómo presentar su reclamo de una manera que maximice el valor de su reclamo.

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Lesiones personales

La construcción de una demanda sólida por accidente de automóvil comienza en los momentos inmediatamente posteriores al accidente.

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Compensación laboral

Queremos trabajar en su caso desde el principio para asegurarnos de que cuidemos de usted lo mejor posible.

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Accidentes automovilísticos

Representación legal profesional compasiva en casos de lesiones personales.

Accidentes Automovilísticos

Abogado de Accidente de Coche de Georgia

Building a solid car accident lawsuit begins in the moments immediately after the car crash. Your first priority should be summoning medical help if you are injured or believe yourself to be injured. Do not move if you may have suffered a head, neck, or back injury unless you absolutely must do so in order to prevent further injury to yourself (such as if there is a fire nearby). If you are able to do so, you may have an obligation to render reasonable assistance to others who might be injured in the crash.

There is no law requiring Georgia car accident plaintiffs to hire an attorney in order to pursue compensation through the courts. However, consider the many benefits that an attorney can provide you before you determine that you do not need one.

Being hit and injured by an uninsured driver usually means that the responsibility of paying for your medical care and treatment will fall upon you (at least initially). While some medical providers may be willing to work with you by accepting reduced or delayed payments until your uninsured accident claim can be fully resolved, you should be prepared to have to pay these expenses immediately after services have been rendered.

Although there are still some accident attorneys in Georgia that charge large retainer fees to take a car accident case and who will bill clients by the hour, more and more car accident lawyers are charging clients on a contingency-fee basis. The attorneys who do so usually recognize that many car accident victims are in need of professional legal advice and counsel but often do not have the funds to pay expensive retainer fees or hourly lawyer rates.

In cases involving personal injuries and accidents, determining what your claim is worth is more than just adding up medical bills and damages to property. It is important to take into consideration the impact your injury could have on your life in the future, psychically, emotionally, and financially. When determining what your injury claim may be worth, it is important consider the following factors:

  • The potential for suffering chronic conditions, with could result in periodic relapses and require ongoing treatment;
  • The impacts health problems could have now and in the future on your ability to participate in activities and do the things you enjoy;
  • The potential for permanent scarring or disfigurement; and
  • Lasting disabilities that could affect your ability to work in your chosen field and could impact your earning potential and future savings.

All of these things and more need to be carefully considered when calculating the total amount your personal injury claim may be worth. Unfortunately, these are often the type of expenses that are either left out or underestimated when dealing with insurance companies. To get a truly accurate estimate of what your claim is worth is to contact our experienced Georgia personal injury attorneys for a free case review.

In the aftermath of an accident, injured victims often mistakenly believe that the insurance company is on their side and will help them to get the amount of compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The insurer is operating a business, and like any business, their bottom line is making money. In order to accomplish this, companies often limit administrative costs by limiting the amount of time and effort spent on each claim, with the result being that offers to settle your claim may be far less than what you expected or what your case is actually worth. According to the Georgia Office of Insurance, avoid signing an insurance release accepting settlement of your accident claim before doing the following:

  • Conducting your own investigation into the costs associated with replacing or repairing any property damaged in the accident;
  • Speaking with your doctor about the prognosis for your injuries, any future treatments you may require, and any lasting effects or disabilities you may suffer;
  • Keeping a written record of all bills and statements you have received, as well as all correspondence you have had with the company and its representatives; and
  • Consulting with a legal professional before signing a release accepting a settlement amount.

You have one chance to get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. It pays to have our experienced personal injury attorneys working on your behalf and negotiating with the insurance company to ensure you get the maximum amount you deserve.

In the aftermath of an accidental injury, it does not take long for medical bills to come flooding in. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may be entitled to compensation for these bills and other costs associated with your injuries. How do you manage these medical costs while waiting for your case to settle? You can always elect to have your bills paid through your own private insurance. If you do this, you are still free to receive compensation for these costs through your insurance claim or through a personal injury lawsuit. Your other option is to have our attorneys file a letter of protection on your behalf with your medical providers. This letter lets them know that you are involved in a lawsuit, and assures creditors that they will be paid through the proceeds of your suit or claim.

While most accident victims want to get the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries, many have concerns about actually taking their cases to court. According to statistics from Black’s Law Dictionary, in approximately 95 percent of personal injury cases, the injured party receives a settlement without ever having to step foot in a courtroom. A major reason that insurance companies are willing to settle is that a court proceeding will likely result in increased costs, such as court fees and legal expenses.

Any money saved by offering you less than what your claim is worth is cancelled out by these costs. Additional motivation for at-fault parties to settle is that if a claim amount cannot be agreed upon and the case goes to trial, a judge will then set the amount, which is again likely to involve additional costs, thereby eliminating any savings for the insurer or at fault party.

Lesiones personales

Abogado de Lesiones Personales de Georgia

Compensación de Trabajadores

Abogado de Compensación de Trabajadores de Georgia

Workers’ compensation is accident insurance which covers most Georgia workers for injuries and diseases that come about as a result of the worker’s employment.

Before the passage of the first workers’ (then Workmen’s) compensation laws in 1920, the only way a Georgia worker could recover the wages lost and medical expenses incurred as a result of a job related injury was to go into the local court and sue the employer. The worker had to prove that the employer was at fault in causing the accident and injury. It often took years before the employee’s case was reached by the court. It is estimated that only 15% of the injured employees were ever successful in making any recovery of their losses from the employers under this system. The workers’ compensation laws were passed to correct this situation and to give the Georgia workers prompt and reliable relief from the effects of job related accidents, injuries and diseases. A special agency known as the Georgia State Board of Workmen’s (now Workers’) Compensation was created to administer delivery of the compensation benefits so workers would no longer have to rely on the civil courts.

The most important aspect of the workers’ compensation law was that it stated that the injured worker was entitled to benefits without regard to whose fault it was. The worker no longer had to prove that the employer was at fault in causing the accident or injury in order to be entitled to recover loss of wages and medical expenses.

No. There are certain categories of workers who are not covered by the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. These general categories of workers are:

  • employees of an employer who has less than three employees regularly working for him;
  • farm laborers;
  • domestic servants;
  • most railroad employees;
  • U.S. government employees; and
  • independent contractors

You should assume that there is workers’ compensation coverage for you even if it appears that you may be in an excluded category. Some employers who are not required to have workers’ compensation insurance provide it voluntarily. Also, there are some situations where it may seem that you are not covered, but coverage may actually be available to you. If your employer refuses to provide benefits to you claiming that you are not covered by the Act, you should seek an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to give you legal advice and make a proper claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation to preserve your rights.

The term «injury» is given a very broad definition by the Workers’ Compensation Act. «Injury» includes not only sudden accidents such as falls, but also includes many physical problems that come on gradually. Certain diseases are also compensable. Compensable «injuries» can also include heart attacks, strokes, infections and other conditions where it can be shown that the employment either caused the disabling condition or caused a pre-existing condition to become worse or combined with an underlying condition to cause disability.

A new category of injury has been created by the Georgia legislature. A «catastrophic injury» is an injury that occurs on and after July 1, 1992, and involves any of the following:

  • spinal cord injury with severe paralysis;
  • amputation of an arm, hand, foot or leg;
  • severe brain injury;
  • second or third degree burns over 25% of the body or third degree burns over 5% or more of the face or hands;
  • total or industrial blindness; and
  • any other injury severe enough to prevent the employee from doing almost any work.

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits is evidence your injury qualifies as «catastrophic».

There are important differences in your rights to workers’ compensation depending on whether the injury you receive in your employment is determined to be «catastrophic» or «non-catastrophic.»
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If you're looking for a professional and experienced attorney. Look no further, Mr. Jackson is an awesome Attorney and I loved my experience with him. Mr. Jackson always answered my calls, texts, and e-mails in a very timely and professional manner, which was such a big deal to me. He's the best Attorney that I've dealt with. I will definitely use his services again.

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John is the best in town!!! He take cares of everything, also keeps you informed and updated. He helped my parents get a good settlement from their car accident. We appreciate everything you have done for us!! Thank you!!

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