Without a Police Report, it May Be Impossible to Prove Your Carrollton Car Accident Claim

One thing any experienced car accident lawyer in Carrollton will tell you is that you need to call the police after a car accident. No matter how minor the crash, you are going to need a police report to prove your case. What will the cops do when they come?  That’s simple. They’re going to do a thorough investigation. They need to try to figure out who did what. Their goal is determine what caused the crash.

They’re also going to call an ambulances. Odds are, someone in the crash needs medical help. That person could be you. They’re also going to talk to witnesses. This is something you desperately need because there’s no way your attorney can do this later on. Finally, they’ll check to see if any of the drivers are intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Proving Your Case Without a Police Report Can Be Very Difficult

The cops do a lot more than just clear the scene and take statements. They prepare something called the police report. This police report can be used by your Carrollton car accident attorney to prove your car accident claim.

Some of the information your lawyer needs includes:

  • Any license and registration information for the other drivers
  • Statements made by any witnesses
  • Photos of the cars and the damage to your cars
  • Description of any inclement weather or road conditions
  • Copies of any tickets issues
  • Proof of any of the drivers being intoxicated

The other thing the police will do is check to see if the other driver had a valid license and insurance card. They’ll take down this information and include it in their police report. They’ll also check to see if either driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You can’t do this on your own. And, once the accident scene is cleared, there’s no way to get this information.

What Kind of Damages Can You Sue For?

If you get into a car accident in Carrollton, your car accident lawyer is going to demand damages. The amount you’ll get will depend on how serious your injuries are. It’ll also depend on the nature of your crash. If someone hits you head-on while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may get punitive damages. On the other hand, if you’re in a rear-end collision, you may only get a few thousand dollars for your injuries.

Your attorney is going to demand as much money as possible. You can sue for the following damages:

  • Whatever it costs to repair or replace your car or SUV
  • Out of pocket medical bills and copays
  • Time off from your job and lost wages
  • Any future medical bills you’re going to have to pay
  • Pain and suffering if your injuries are severe

As mentioned above, the amount of your damages depends on how serious your injuries were. Your Carrollton car accident lawyer is going to have to prove your damages. This means they’re going to need your medical records. They’ll also need receipts and records for all of your out of pocket expenses. The amount of damages you’re entitled to depends on a few things, including:

  • How long you were out of work
  • How bad your vehicle was damaged
  • Whether you needed surgery or physical therapy
  • Out of pocket expenses to see your doctors and specialists
  • Attorney fees
  • Lost future income

The amount of money you get is directly proportional to your injuries. Cars can be replaced. Wages can be replaced. But your health is something that nobody can put a price on. However, your attorney will try to put a price on that. This is their job. They want to get you as much money as possible. This takes time. It also takes a lot of experience and expertise.

Contact a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer in Carrollton Today

Some people are afraid to call the police because they think they’ll get in trouble. They are afraid they’ll be the one to get a ticket. Even if this is the case, it’s not a good enough reason to not call the cops. They’re there to help you – even if that means you might get a simple traffic ticket in the process.

Since your injury attorney in Carrollton, Georgia is going to need that police report, make sure you call the police. Then, call our office and set up a free consultation.