What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident at a Business in Douglasville

Winter weather presents a series of hazards when it comes to sidewalks at businesses. Ice and rain can make these sidewalks slick, increasing the likelihood of passersby getting into a slip and fall accident in Douglasville, Georgia. While you need to take caution when walking on sidewalks in the wintertime, it is also the responsibility of the business owner to make sure their patrons are safe.

If injured on a slippery sidewalk that was not properly maintained by a business owner, you need to speak to a personal injury attorney in Douglasville, GA. They can determine if negligence occurred in your slip and fall accident and will investigate your claims to develop a case against the business owner. If negligence is proven, then you have rights under the law and deserve a settlement to pay for your medical expenses and lost wages.

When is a Georgia Store Owner Liable for Winter Slip and Fall Accidents?

You are considered an invited guest when you are on the property of a business. This includes its sidewalks, which need proper maintenance during the wintertime. A business owner is considered liable for any slip and fall accidents in Douglasville if they knew that the sidewalk was dangerous and took zero action or if they should have known the sidewalk was hazardous and did not take the necessary precautions to ensure it was safe for its guests.

Property owners in Douglasville, Georgia, are required to recognize when their property is in an unsafe condition and warn guests accordingly. They need to place salt and sand on the icy and wet pavement to ensure a slip and fall does not occur.

The Aftermath of Slip and Fall Accidents in Douglasville, GA

When injured because of a slip and fall in Douglasville, Georgia, you need to get medical attention immediately. Severe harm can result from an improperly maintained sidewalk and your first concern should be treating your injury.

It is important to take photographs of the sidewalk to document the unsafe conditions. You can achieve this by using your cell phone camera. Be sure to note the weather at the time of the accident and any details that are important to your case. It is also a good idea to photograph your injuries in order to prove the extent and severity of your slip and fall accident.

Talk to witnesses that saw your slip and fall in Douglasville, GA, and get their contact information. This will prove valuable in establishing your case and your injury claims. They can testify in your personal injury suit and prove that the conditions of the sidewalk were unsafe at the time of the accident.

To establish your case in a slip and fall accident, you need to speak to a personal injury attorney in Douglasville, GA. They can help you determine fault in your case and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What is the Deadline to File a Slip and Fall Lawsuit in Douglasville, GA?

It is imperative that you speak to a personal injury attorney in Douglasville, Georgia, immediately after your slip and fall accident. Not only will they help to determine fault in your case, but the filing of your suit will occur immediately. There is a statute of limitations in place for slip and fall lawsuits that dictates that you must file your claim within two years of the date of the accident.

If you fail to file your personal injury lawsuit by this date, it will be dismissed and no settlement will be awarded. The court will not take into consideration the extent of your injuries or the negligence of the property owner. Your case needs filing within the two-year deadline in order to qualify for a settlement award. A personal injury attorney in Douglasville, GA, can ensure you file your lawsuit by the deadline.

In the event that death occurs because of the slip and fall in Douglasville, GA, you will need to adhere to a different timeframe when it comes to filing a wrongful death lawsuit. You have two years from the date of the wrongful death to file a lawsuit on behalf of your family member.

Schedule a Consultation with a Georgia Attorney About Your Slip and Fall Accident

When injured during a slip and fall accident in Douglasville, Georgia, you need an attorney that you can count on to guide you through your case. The personal injury attorneys in Douglasville, GA, at the Law Office of John B. Jackson can help. They will fight for your right to a settlement and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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