What if Your Car Accident Was Caused by a Car Defect?

If you’re involved in a car accident, you’re going to suffer some pretty serious injuries. The first thing to do after the accident is seek medical attention. The second thing to do is call the police. Never leave the scene of an accident without getting a police report.

Once you’ve been treated and are sure you’re okay, you should contact a car accident lawyer in Atlanta. You need to focus on getting better. Let your attorney handle the legal side of things.

Once your lawyer reviews your case, he’ll get an idea of what caused the accident. Most accident are caused by negligence. The other driver was either speeding or driving recklessly at the time of the accident. Or maybe he was texting and driving and didn’t even see your car in front of him.

Other accidents are caused by car defects. There are basically two main types of car defects:

  • Defective design
  • Manufacturing defect

However, there is a third possible type of defect that can cause an accident. If a garage serviced the vehicle, they may have caused a problem that led to the accident.

Your lawyer will file a claim against anyone who may be responsible for your injuries. This includes the other driver. Even if the defect contributed to the accident, the other driver was still operating the car at the time of the crash.

Who Will Your Auto Accident Lawyer in Atlanta Pursue for Your Injuries?

Your auto accident lawyer in Atlanta is going to file a claim against anyone who may be responsible. This includes:

  • The other driver
  • The driver’s insurance company
  • The manufacturer
  • The dealership who sold the car
  • The mechanic who serviced the car

Of course, if your lawyer knows exactly who’s responsible, he won’t have to name all of these parties. However, if he’s not sure who is directly responsible, he will have to pursue them all. They can fight it out to see who’s ultimately responsible.

Let’s say, for example, that a car is driving behind you going about 65 mph. As you’re approaching a traffic jam on the highway, he slams into the back of your car. He later claims that he hit the brakes and nothing happened. The car he’s driving has experienced a lot of accidents where brake failure was an issue.

Well, let’s look at who might be Responsible for the Accident?

  • The driver – did he hit the brakes too late? Was he driving too fast and that’s why he didn’t slow down in time? Was he distracted driving?
  • The manufacturer – Does this car have a design defect? Have they issued recalls for the brake system? Have there been other cars of the same make and model with this issue?
  • The dealership – Did the driver just buy the car? Was it taken on a test drive where the driver experienced a similar issue?
  • The mechanic – Did the driver just get his brakes changed at his local mechanic’s shop? Did they do something to the car?
  • The manufacturer of the brakes and parts? – Maybe the brake pads or rotors were defective.

Your lawyer will hire experts to nail down exactly what happened. However, any or all of the above parties may be held responsible for your injuries. 

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Have Handled Cases Like This Before

Chances are, you’re not the first person to have a car defect cause an accident. Your Atlanta car accident lawyer has seen lots of cases just like yours. He has years or decades of experience in this type of law. He knows exactly what needs to be done to get you the compensation you deserve.

When you first meet with your lawyer, he’ll ask you what happened. He’ll look at the police report to determine what may have caused your accident. He’ll file a claim against the driver’s insurance company. If they refuse to pay, you’ll have to file a lawsuit.

Once he files suit, your lawyer will demand certain information from the defendants. He’ll ask for copies of crash tests conducted by the manufacturer. He will  conduct depositions of all the parties named in the suit. He’ll ask the pertinent questions. He’ll find out what really caused your accident. 

One good thing about naming multiple parties in your suit is that everybody will point the finger at each other. The driver’s insurance company wants the manufacturer to be held responsible as much or more than you do. 

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by a car defect, contact an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney. Schedule your free initial consultation today.

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