A life can be ruined by injuries. An accident can mean weeks of medical bills that could follow you, and in many cases, recovery time off work. But this doesn’t mean you have to confront the aftermath alone. In Peachtree Corners, Georgia, you could have a right to financial settlement to pay the expenses of your injuries and their impact on your life. You have to talk to a Peachtree Corners personal injury lawyer.

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Personal Injury Law

Permit The Law Office of John B. Jackson to assist you. We take a different approach to our clients than other personal injury law firms. We begin by listening. We want to hear your story, understand what happened, and understand everything you’re going through. We are one of the most respected organizations in Georgia with a background of more than 20 years of cases that have been won. And finally, we never charge you anything unless we win money for you. Let us give you a free consultation. Call us at 770.988.6155 and get your free consultation today.
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What kind of accidents qualify for personal injury claims?

Any sort of injury can qualify. It depends on what occurred. Under the law, if someone else brought it on from carelessness then you might have a claim. Money from a personal injury claim is designed to pay for all your medical bills, any long term care or treatment you need, work time, and some losses related to the injury. Some types of accidents are most common in personal injury claims. These include:

That is far from an exhaustive list. If you were hurt and it wasn’t your fault you might have a claim, contact a car accident lawyer to learn more.

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What If I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver?

How do I know if I have a right to recover money?

The principle is simple: If someone had been careless, and their carelessness caused the injury, you’ve got the right. This is called negligence.
Negligence is the foundation of almost all personal injury cases. Here are just two examples:
Injury with no negligence: Imagine you fall because you hadn’t tied your shoelaces. In that instance, the injury is most likely fault negligence is no problem.
Injured by neglect from another: You’re walking down the street and you fall. City employees left the grate at the sidewalk off a utility hatch, and you dropped. They didn’t mark the hatch and did not place any warning signs or cones around it. This carelessness caused an injury, the town was negligent. In the City of Peachtree Corners, the negligent party is considered legally liable for all of the costs of the accident, since it was caused by them.

Imagine if the harm is my fault?

Be careful. If the injury is truly your fault, and just your fault contributed to it, then you have no claim. But a lot of injury victims blame themselves. Even well-meaning friends and family may suggest you should have done something different if that makes you accountable. But the local courts don’t concur. As an instance: If someone else was more careful, would the injury have occurred? Were there any conditions involved in the crash? Did any equipment or merchandise fail to function the way it should? Are there any insurance policies the injury might be covered by that? Is it possible that somebody else shares fault for the injury? Negligence isn’t always apparent. If an injury is suffered a lawyer sends out an investigator of their own to learn why and exactly what happened.

Who is liable for the injury and who pays for my own claim?

The brief answer is it will always be the negligent person’s insurance provider that pays the claim. It is rare that anyone has to pay out of pocket. Sometimes finding who’s accountable is easy and other times it is not so apparent. For instance, if you had been struck by a drunk driver, they’re clearly liable for your injuries. On the other hand, suppose that a kid is hurt playing in an abandoned building? Imagine if an accident occurs at the office? This is who is liable for the most common injuries:

How do I file a personal injury claim?

Your lawyer will handle the insurance claim for you, including putting together all the evidence to prove your case, find out who’s responsible, and can investigate what happened. A successful claim can result in a settlement of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of bucks, and also multi-million dollar claims aren’t uncommon. But should you not understand the complicated legal system, you can end up harming your own case and being denied the cash you’re entitled to. You have to talk to a personal injury lawyer near Peachtree Corners.

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