Any injury or accident can be life-altering. The Law Office of John B. Jackson will help in the event that you were injured in the Newnan, Georgia area. Don’t blame yourself for your injuries, there is a strong probability you could be reimbursed for medical costs, workdays and other expenses. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Newnan.

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Personal Injury Law

The Law Office of John B. Jackson has been winning personal injury cases against big corporations for over 20 years. Let John B. Jackson & Associates give you a free consultation with a personal injury attorney near Newnan. Call us and get your free consultation at 770.998.6155.
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What should I do if I’ve had an injury or accident in Newnan?

Being involved in an accident can put your life on hold. The injuries sustained can cause anxiety, financial strain, and physical pain. Your harm can even leave you unable to work, sometimes indefinitely. We know that you’re concerned about how to cover your medical bills and whether you will ever recover your health. But you do have options, and we can help you apply your right to some fiscal recovery. Your financial recovery will help take care of unexpected expenses and return your life back to normal. However, you need to take action following your injury to get it.

Call a reputable personal injury lawyer.

Accident victims believe that they don’t need a lawyer, or that they can deal with the insurance carrier directly. But the insurance company isn’t your friend. They’ll look for a way to cover the lowest amount possible. A personal injury lawyer has the experience to know what your claim is worth. They try to negotiate a dollar number for you, prepare your case, and gather evidence.
Don’t respond to the insurance company before speaking to an attorney. You may get a check in the mail soon after your accident, along with paperwork requiring your signature. Don’t sign anything, and don’t accept the check! This money is designed to tempt you since the insurance companies know you need to take good care of other costs and mounting medical bills. But in many instances, that dollar amount is just a fraction of what your real bills could wind up costing you, and you need to sign away your rights to take it. Don’t fall for it. Talk to a lawyer before you accept any cash.

How do I know if I have a case?

The only way would be to speak with a lawyer. Your attorney can determine who was at fault, and when someone else’s negligence was the cause of your accident. Their insurance may cover the cost of your injury if your accident was contributed to by someone. The cash from an insurance claim can also provide the financial relief you need to your loved ones and time missed from work. Here are some of the most common kinds of injury accidents that qualify as personal injury claims:

Schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer at The Law Firm of John B. Jackson if you have been injured in any situation that was not your fault.

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What If I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver?

Will my personal injury claim go to court?

Personal injury claims generally don’t involve a trial. If we decide you have a case, we’ll start putting pressure on the insurance provider right away. We will collect the facts and present a case that is solid. Often, we could negotiate a settlement and the insurance company offers without going to the local court. Sometimes a deal will be rejected by the insurance provider. In this circumstance, we might advise taking your situation to court. We make this recommendation based on two factors: the details of your situation, and whether or not we believe you’ll win. We’ll manage everything if your case goes to trial.

What does a personal injury lawyer cost?

At The Law Office of John B. Jackson, we believe that it shouldn’t cost you anything to speak to a personal injury lawyer, nor should there be any out of pocket fees. Other attorneys charge a flat rate and get paid whether they win or lose your situation, and we don’t believe this practice is in your very best interest. All consultations with John B. Jackson & Associates are FREE You never pay anything out of pocket. We don’t get paid if we don’t win your money. We charge a percentage for when we win you case. We think that this is a way to conduct business.

Is there a deadline for taking action after my accident injury?

Yes. In the City of Newnan, the time constraints for filing a personal injury case are determined by Georgia state law enforcement and U.S. national law. These deadlines will change, based on the particular nature of your case. In some cases, you may have up to two years, while in others you may have weeks. Don’t wait to talk to a lawyer as soon after your injury as possible.

Talk to a Newnan personal injury attorney

The Law Office of John B. Jackson has over 20 decades of experience handling personal injury cases. Let’s put our knowledge about this legislation. We offer a free, no-risk consultation. Call us at 770.998.6155 or fill out the form to your right today and receive your free consultation.