Every year, countless injuries take place in Marietta, Georgia. What these injuries all have in common is that, no matter how they occurred, in most cases, they might have been prevented. Many sufferers will never pursue their legal rights and many will probably likely be left with life-altering and permanent effects, trouble functioning, or bills. Don’t overlook your rights. In the event that you were hurt and you aren’t at fault, money is available to assist you. You need to talk to a Marietta personal injury lawyer.

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Personal Injury Law

Our law firm was founded by us with a vision: to champion the injured. And for 20 years, we’ve been assisting families, winning cases, and making a reputation that the insurance companies know they must honor. We never charge our clients anything if we get cash for them. Let’s give you a free consultation. Call us at 770.988.6155 now, and get your free consultation.
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What should I do if I believe I have a personal injury case?

Trust your instincts. You get an opinion on whether you may have a situation and should speak with a professional in the event that you were hurt. However, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from the procedure. They are:
See a doctor in the city of Marietta. Don’t wait to get therapy if you were hurt. This is because accidents can get worse when not treated. And insurers will use your lack of action on your claim against you. Gather information based on the injury. This could entail taking videos or photos, speaking to eyewitnesses (and getting their contact information ), or documenting what happened.
After a car accident do not speak to the insurance companies. Insurers might request that you make a written or recorded statement. The only thing you must tell them is that you’re currently seeking a car accident lawyer and you have to wait until you’ve talked to a lawyer. Don’t take the cash. Insurance companies will make a fast offer of cash. The number seems large in the beginning. However, you haven’t received all of your medical bills yet, and you don’t know how long you will require treatment for. Never take the first offer or sign away your right.
Talk to a lawyer near Marietta. This is the best approach to find out in the event that you have a case and what your choices are. Getting a consultation is absolutely free, and you’ll walk away with a clearer idea of your choices.

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What If The Insurance Company Won't Pay The Full Value of My Car?

Who is liable for my injury?

Technically whatever person or entity is responsible for the harm is believed to be liable. In most cases, it will be their insurance paying the costs. And statewide, liability is based on the notion that we all have a duty to not be careless with people’s security. Their carelessness is referred to as negligence if someone neglects that duty. Negligence doesn’t mean that they wanted to hurt anybody. They will be angry about what happened. However, it does mean they are and they will be held accountable.
Unfortunately, the party may also try to prevent responsibility. People will get mad or argue over blame. Organizations or companies will put their own attorneys on the situation. You shouldn’t be facing this kind of pushback personally. Always get a lawyer to work on your behalf. As you recover, not only are you likely to recover more income, you will also have peace of mind.

How much can I get for my injury?

The legislation in Georgia doesn’t put any sort of limitation on compensation. Rather it is based on the severity of your injury. In theory, the money is supposed to make up for 2 kinds of losses:
Fiscal losses that are actual, like work time or your expenses. Costs that cannot be calculated, like the impact the injury has had through pain, permanent consequences, along with serious losses. Obviously, money can’t really make up for this sort of loss. And there’s no way to calculate what that kind of reduction is worth. All of the financial costs involved are multiplied by a number between 5 and 1, and are added up. That’s how your compensation is determined. Case in point, let’s say you’ve got $10,000 in different losses including weeks when you’re unable to do the job and $40,000 in medical expenses. You also suffered extreme pain and you have a permanent scar thas observable. As a result of this intense impact, 3 multiplies the prices and you regain a total of $150,000.
The reason the law awards this money is to realize you will need resources and time to put your life back together. Life after a serious injury is not the same as life prior to the accident. The money offers stability when you need it most. Take note, however, that this kind of math reflects what you could win in the local courts. Insurers will try to provide you less, especially if you don’t have a lawyer. Never face the insurers without a professional on your side.

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