You might be dealing with a lot of uncertainty and medical bills if you were hurt in Mableton, Georgia. However, you might have a right to recover cash to pay for your medical bills and lost time from work, and it might be far more than the insurance company offers. You have to talk to a Mableton personal injury lawyer.

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Personal Injury Law

John B. Jackson has been helping injured men and women receive compensation for over 20 years. Our Mableton injury attorneys have the experience and the skill to take on the toughest claims. Let us provide you a free consultation to discuss your claim. Call us at 770.988.6155 and receive your free consultation.
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What should I do following an accident?

The number one thing you should do after being injured is to find a doctor. Injuries can become worse over the years or can develop complications even if you believe you weren’t hurt. A physician will evaluate you and get you started with therapy that can enhance your recovery time. We encourage you to follow these two steps:
DO NOT take insurance company money straight away. It is typical for an insurance company to offer money to victims. While this seems generous, it is the opposite. The insurance company is currently attempting to make a bigger profit by settling your claim for the lowest amount. You’ll need to sign away your right to recover anything else even if your injuries prove to be serious and more expensive than you originally thought if you choose the insurance money. ALWAYS consult with an attorney before you take an insurer check or sign any paperwork.
DO talk to your personal injury attorney near Mableton. A lawyer has the experience to let you know if you have a case and to assess the legal side of your injury. An attorney can get experts to perform a full evaluation and compute just what your injuries will cost. A lawyer can review insurance company offers and drive a tough deal to get the insurance company to offer you exactly what your injuries are worth. You may recover tens of thousands of bucks more just because you have a lawyer.

How do I tell if I have a personal injury claim?

We see many wounded people who blame themselves or think that nobody is to blame. But the law views fault differently. If somebody else broke a law or wasn’t as careful as they reasonably should have been, they were negligent. When someone’s negligence causes harm, their injuries must be paid for by the negligent person. For example, a driver might be negligent in failing to stop at a stoplight, texting and driving, or driving drunk. A property owner might be negligent in failing to clean up a slick spill. Common situations that lead to personal injury claims include:

Any kind of injury can possibly result in a personal injury claim. The perfect way to tell whether you have a claim would be to speak with a good car accident lawyer.

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What If I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver?

Do I Need to Sue Someone?

Not usually. Most individuals are able to recover money through negotiation before involving the courtroom. And in most cases, an insurance company pays this money to an individual. Sometimes, we have a case where the insurance provider won’t negotiate unless we file a lawsuit. This could happen because the insurance carrier believes its evidence is strong or it thinks it can undermine our witnesses. If you are in this situation, we provide you our professional opinion of the strength of your case and the advantages and disadvantages of visiting the local courts.
Our attorneys are prepared to be with you if you want to take your case to court. Normally, however, things play out before the court is involved. Lawsuits are costly, and insurance companies are willing to pay to avoid the courtroom. John B. Jackson & Associates takes the opportunity to conduct our own investigation and assesses what it will take for you to heal. As soon as we show our proof insurance companies understand we won’t back down until they come through with substantial monetary recovery.

How much can a personal injury lawyer cost in Mableton?

We don’t want folks that are injured because they can’t afford a lawyer to give up their rights. And we don’t want you fighting to pay legal bills in addition to everything else. At The Law Office of John B. Jackson, we’ve designed our charges to be affordable for everyone: Your consultation is free of charge. There are no out of pocket charges, ever. If we win you money, then we will collect a fee. Otherwise, you pay nothing. We take the risk to make sure that you are able to get help if you need it.

Is there a deadline to file an injury claim in Mableton?

There are strict deadlines for filing injury claims in the City of Mableton, and you most likely will not be able to recoup anything if you miss your deadline. The deadlines, set by state and federal law, vary depending on the conditions of your injury. You may have up to 2 years from the date of your injury to file a claim. But some individuals must file their promises more quickly sometimes in a couple weeks. To avoid giving up your right to recover cash, see a personal injury attorney.
Talk to a Mableton Personal Injury Lawyer at no cost with John B. Jackson. We get people the money they deserve. Let’s show you how we can help you. We’d like to give you a free consultation to talk about your situation and answer your questions. Get in touch with us or fill out the form or call us (770)-988-6155 to get your FREE consultation today.