How Long Will A Brain Injury Settlement Take?

Brain injuries are more unique than snowflakes or fingerprints. However, they all seem to have similar symptoms. There’s no common recovery rate for a brain injury. In fact, the commonalities between brain injuries are few and far between, but doctors and medical teams often treat patients the same way. It’s an obstacle within the medical community and a hindrance to those in recovery.

The only good news is that you can look at past situations and cases to develop a best and worst-case scenario. Don’t let this brain injury cause more damage than what has already been done. Your life could get back on track. But often when it comes to financial recovery, and getting all the medical support you need, you can’t do it alone. An experienced car wreck attorney in Lawrenceville, GA can help.

How Long Does the Average Settlement Take for a Brain Injury?

A settlement can take as few as two weeks. But, one of the biggest factors that impacts the timeline is the extent of the injuries, and we’ll explain why. First, you have to collect all the values of the damages. For minor fender benders, that only means taking your car to an appraiser for an inspection. Then, you have to wait for the insurance company to determine fault. Afterward, they will work with the other insurance company (of the at-fault driver), to determine a settlement figure.

Settlements will always start well below what you’re owed, and they determine what you’re owed based on a system they control. Until you start to factor in injuries. Then the medical community starts putting in dollar amounts that they can’t control, and it scares these insurance companies. So when you have serious injuries, life-changing injuries, it can work in your favor to stretch out the timeline.

How Bad Is a Brain Injury, And Will The Degree Impact Your Claim?

There are roughly ten different forms of brain injuries, although only about eight of them can happen in a car wreck. Of those eight possibilities, it’s very likely that you’ll experience more than one. For example, you may have a diffuse axonal injury, as well as a brain contusion.

Understanding the severity of the injury and the type of injury is key in your claim. The different types and levels of an injury will directly impact the financial demands for your recovery from a brain injury. Those financial demands will determine your claim compensation possibilities. They should clearly be available for review in your demand letter and be as indisputable as possible.

Understanding The Future Care You Will Need Before Making Your Claim

Your settlement may go through rather quickly if you don’t have the need for ongoing or constant care. Instead of rushing for a settlement as quickly as possible, make sure that you clearly understand your future needs. You can report the crash but wait on making your demand letter until you have some understanding of how much assistance you’ll need.

Talk to your medical team early on about occupational therapy, physical therapy, and the possible need for an at-home nurse. If you need extensive care, then you may be able to speed the process toward your settlement with an expert on brain injury recovery. Otherwise, you may need to determine the costs of living with this injury and what you’ll expect the at-fault driver to cover.

If it’s clear that you’ll hit the cap on coverage quickly, then you may receive a compensation check right away. But after that, you might need to get an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against the driver directly for the remainder of the damages. It’s not common, and usually, the insurance company will step in again. At the end of a standalone civil trial, you may not receive anything. Many people simply don’t have funds to pay out to victims, which is why they carry auto insurance.

The timeline on getting your settlement for the brain damage suffered as part of a wreck will depend on your injuries, recovery time, and expenses.

Should You Call a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer to Help Process Your Insurance Demand?

Car insurance should be there to help you pay for all the medical bills associated with your injuries from any car accident. Unfortunately, most victims are given compensation amounts that pale in comparison to their medical debt. What you need to put forth the greatest effort to get full compensation is an attorney who can negotiate aggressively.

At the Law Office of John B. Jackson, our Lawrenceville, Georgia car accident law firm supports the victims who need extensive financial relief. After a brain injury, you may be looking at decades of at-home care or therapy. Your treatment, therapy, and more should fall under coverage to the full extent of the policy. We’ll help you put up that fight.