You might be unable to work and support your family if you have been hurt in a car accident in the city of Gainesville. You could be coping with pain that is acute and wondering if your life will ever be the same. Even a minor accident can give you medical bills that are staggering. But you don’t have to pay the price of an accident on your own. If the injury wasn’t your fault, then you can recover money. You want to speak to a Gainesville car accident lawyer.

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Why You Need An Attorney

Our attorneys have been helping accident victims get the money they need for a long time. We don’t charge you anything if we don’t win you money. We’d like to provide you a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Call us at 770-988-6155 or fill out the form to the right now to acquire your free consultation.
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How do I know if I have a car accident claim that is valid?

We see car crash victims who attempt to talk themselves out of a claim. They blame themselves or they think the accident wasn’t actually anyone’s fault. But the law doesn’t work that way. Someone caused the accident and their insurance company is obligated to pay for the injuries. The perfect way to tell if you’ve got a claim is to speak with an automobile crash attorney who knows the law and may take an objective look.

What kinds of automobile accidents does a car accident case cover?

Any crash could be covered depending on exactly what occurred. Rear-end, head-on and small accidents are treated equally under the law as all others. We manage all types of car accidents in our workplace, but a number of the most frequent ones include:

Though insurance covers accidents, it’s very important to understand that it is unlikely that the insurance company will want to pay you what your claim is worth. This is the reason you need to talk to a car accident lawyer in Gainesville as soon after your accident as possible.

How is fault determined by the insurance businesses?

In accident claims, fault depends on the notion. It doesn’t matter whether they meant to injure you, they’re responsible and their insurance company must cover it. Negligent driving behavior includes DUI, speeding and other traffic law offenses. It also includes aggressive driving, distracted driving, tailgating and other dangerous behavior behind the wheel. To ascertain who’s at fault, their adjusters will be sent out by carriers to make a judgment call. They’ll rely on the damage to the vehicles and the police report. But insurers don’t get to make the last call. They will often blame the person, potentially in an effort to give you less money. Your personal injury lawyer can assemble evidence that is easy to show what happened and help you win your case.

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Personal Injury Law

What injuries are covered?

ALL kinds of accidents are covered big or little. Car accident victims are able to recover money for these kinds of accidents:

This is not an exclusive listing, however. If your injury was caused by these accidents, it’s covered by your claim period. Bear in mind that not all injuries are evident. You may seem fine following the accident, only to later sense pain, dizziness or other symptoms hours or days later. As a result of this, we suggest that you find a physician straight away after ANY automobile accident even if you believe you weren’t actually hurt. Prompt treatment can enhance your chances of a full recovery, and seeing a physician right away helps you make a stronger insurance case.

How much money can I get from an auto accident case?

It is dependent on many different factors, including the kind of injuries you have and the way your accident occurred. The principle is that you should recover ALL costs related to your accident. These are the most common ones, and are referred to as damage:

You can be entitled to additional large sums of cash for pain and suffering, disability, or severe losses, in the event that you were severely hurt. Other kinds of damages could be available should you lose a close relative or were in a drunk driving collision. This cash can not eliminate the effects of a tragic accident, but we have discovered that money can relieve your tension and help you to stay stable financially while you recuperate.

Do I need a lawyer?

An attorney will inform you if you have a claim and can assess the insurance provider’s offer. Insurance companies want to create a profit, and one of the ways they do this is to offer injury victims as little money as possible. The insurance provider knows you haven’t had an opportunity to learn what your injuries will charge, but they hope you will take the cash and sign away the right to recover anything. A car accident lawyer can help you get a full medical evaluation and comprehend the real price of this crash.
An attorney can construct a strong case demonstrating the other costs insurance should pay and that you are not responsible. An attorney near Atlanta can use this info to drive a hard bargain with the insurance company or pursue a car accident lawsuit. Talking to a lawyer is often the very best thing you can do to protect yourself financially.

Talk to a Gainesville Car Accident Lawyer.

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