If you are the victim of a crash, assault or other events that have injured you in Ellenwood, GA, then you could be recovering for weeks or months along with coping with high medical bills. But you can regain money to help you pay for an injury that wasn’t your fault. You need to talk to an Ellenwood personal injury lawyer.

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Determining the Worth of Your Claim

John B. Jackosn has spent the previous 20-plus years helping injured men and women receive the financial help they need. He began helping injury victims when working at a tiny community law firm, that assignment has continued to this day, resulting in one of the best and largest respected law firms in Georgia. Our attorneys will use our experience to work for you. We offer free consultations, call us at 770.988.6155 and schedule one today.
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Are there any things I should or shouldn’t do following an injury?

Absolutely. To begin with, we recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible and get started on treatment. We suggest these dos and don’ts to receive maximum compensation. DON’T accept an insurance company check or signal paperwork straight away. Following your injury is reported to a car or other type of insurance company, the insurance company may give money to you. It seems generous, but taking this money is usually a mistake. You haven’t had the time to discover how serious your injury is, whether there will be complications, or how long it will take to heal. Should you take this quick money you’ll sign away your right to recover money if your injuries are more serious than you thought.
Always speak with a lawyer before you take any money or sign any paperwork. DO speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. A consultation with a personal injury attorney can mean the difference between a secure future where you can pay for all of the treatment you need and hills of debt. A personal injury lawyer near Ellenwood has worked on many different cases like yours and can offer an objective view of their potency of your claim. An attorney can put you in touch with professionals that understand how to diagnose and treat your injuries and who can estimate their true cost. A legal consultation is the single best thing you can do to protect yourself after an accident.

How do I tell if my claim is valid?

In the event the injury wasn’t your fault, then you have a legal claim. Don’t fall right into the trap of blaming yourself writing your injury off as a freak accident. Injuries don’t occur on their own, and someone else’s carelessness is to blame. In legal terms, we refer to carelessness that leads to injuries as negligence. Negligence doesn’t mean that somebody hurt you, it means they violated a legal obligation, were not as cautious as they should have been, or broke a law. When someone is negligent, they’re liable for the injuries, and they (or their insurance company) must pay the cost. Personal injury claims can arise from various types of events.

Ellenwood Personal Injury Practice Areas

The Law Office of John B. Jackson covers the following types of personal injuries in the Ellenwood area:

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Why You Need An Attorney

Will I have to sue someone to win my claim in Ellenwood?

Usually, personal injury claims are resolved by us long before any court action is filed. But occasionally, we run into issues where an insurance company refuses to supply a fair settlement. This may happen because the insurance carrier believes its case is far better than ours, or since it thinks you can’t produce a witness at trial. If we can’t resolve your case without going to court, will discuss this with you, explain your options and provide you our opinion.
We’ve got a seasoned trial team, so we are all set to handle your case if you do decide to go to court. But most of the time, that’s not vital. Insurance businesses understand John B. Jackson is a demanding, seasoned negotiator. They understand we have a case that we can win at trial. We begin every case by investigating our client’s accidents, how they occurred, and what the essential treatment and service will cost. When insurance businesses view our cold, hard evidence, they usually settle with a significant amount of money.

What does it cost me to hire a personal injury attorney in Ellenwood?

Our opinion on legal fees is straightforward: you shouldn’t need to pay a lawyer from pocket if you’ve been injured. That’s why we utilize this fee arrangement: Initial consultations are always free. We won’t bill you while we are currently working on your situation. Unless we get money for you, you pay us nothing. We will collect our fees as a percentage when we get you financial recovery. We think this is the ideal way to make sure everyone can get aid when they need it.

When is your deadline for submitting an injury claim?

It may depend on the way your injury happened and who caused it. Deadlines for filing claims are called statutes of limitations, and in the city of Ellenwood, various national and state laws outline them. Your deadline might be as short as several weeks, however, you typically have two years to file an accident claim. If you miss the deadline, then it is unlikely you will have the ability to recoup anything. That’s why it is so important to speak with a personal injury attorney straight away.

Talk at No Cost to some Ellenwood Personal Injury Lawyer

John B. Jackson has been helping injured men and women recover money for over two decades. We’d like to explain our ability and experience can make a difference in your life to you. We offer a complimentary consultation to answer your queries and to discuss your accident so that you can decide what to do next. Call us 770.988.6155 or complete the form to your right today and receive your free consultation.