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What Are Some Examples of Product Defect Cases?

Our personal injury lawyers see most product defect cases caused by one of the following:

Defects in Manufacturing

As the name suggests, this refers to the defect that happens during the manufacturing process. Simply put, this product caused injury as it happened to be different from all the other products in the same product line. A manufacturing defect might include a number of things such as:

A burned plug due to faulty manufacturing in Douglasville.

Defects in Design

This type of defect refers to an inherent flaw in the conception and manufacturing of the product. If a product has a defective design, it is likely to affect all the products in that particular product line instead of only one particular product. Some of the examples of design defects include:

Warning Failure

Product liability suits are also based on failure to warn but these tend to be different from lawsuits where products are found to be defective. All the products are required to have certain warnings when their use can be dangerous for users in case those dangers are not that obvious or the user needs to take special care when using the product. Some of the examples of failure to warn include:

How Is Liability Proven in a Defective Product Case?

In the state of Georgia, the liability laws for product defects are based on strict liability. Simply put, the plaintiff bringing a product liability claim needs to prove these things:

Keep in mind that these actions do not require fault determination like other tort claims. In the case of strict liability actions, the only duty of the plaintiff is to show that a tort occurred and its responsibility lies with the defendant.

What Should I Do When Injured by a Defective Product?

There are a number of reasons for a product to be defective. Sometimes, the problems are with the design as due care is not taken when designing the product. At other times, the defects arise due to faulty manufacturing process.
Liability will be affected by the exact cause of the defect but nothing can take away the feeling of suffering you experienced due to use of the defective product. However, it is important for you to remain calm after getting injured in order to protect your legal rights.
You should never throw away the product. Try your best to keep the product. Make sure you don’t get hurt further in order to save the product but it’s important to keep the product itself. We have a team of product liability attorneys who work with experts to carefully examine the product and find out whether the product is defective and the origin of that defect.
Get in touch with our expert product liability lawyers for a completely free consultation and do not forget to bring any documentation you might have regarding the acquisition or purchase of that product. It is important to give us a call as quickly as possible as it will give us enough time to properly investigate your injury and make sure you have a compelling case.

Proving Fault in a Douglasville Product Liability Case

Every single claim in a product liability case is based on specific facts. Here at the Law Office of John B. Jackson, our experienced lawyers have substantial legal resources to determine fault in a variety of product liability claims. Our team of expert lawyers will consult with experienced safety specialists and design experts to find out whether any gaps exist in testing as well as in safety precautions.
A Douglasville lawyer meeting with a client injured in a product liability case.
Our team of legal experts will review the blueprints of the product, safety records and other records of the manufacturer. We will take a close look at everything related to the product in order to determine whether the retailer, supplier, manufacturing company or another party acted negligently leading to your injury.
We prepare each product liability claim with enough evidence to prove the fault in case of trial. Rest assured, our team will go the distance to make sure that you or your loved ones are able to secure a complete financial recovery against all the parties that are at fault.

What Parties are Liable in a Product Liability Lawsuit?

Any entity involved in the manufacturing chain of a product can be held liable including the manufacturer, supplier of parts, retailer as well as wholesaler. The victim, you, need not be concerned with who is held liable. Our team of investigators and legal experts will carefully scrutinize your claim in order to determine the liability of various parties.

Proving a Product Liability Case – Elements Needed

As per the laws in Georgia, the plaintiff is required to prove that an injury happened and an entity or someone in the chain was negligent. It also needs to be proven that the injury was due to someone else’s fault and the product was the cause of the injury.

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There is a lot of complexity in product liability law. Each case is unique and it’s possible for your case to involve federal as well as state law. It might involve questions related to medicine and science.
This is the reason, it’s important to call in an experienced Douglasville product liability attorney as soon as possible. Our experienced team of Douglasville product liability lawyers has a successful track record and will help you get the best possible outcome.