Workers’ compensation claims are complicated and need professional assistance to obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. Even though it’s possible to file a claim and obtain compensation without an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer on your side when an event is straightforward, it’s not always the case. The more complicated the claim, the more likely you may have to work with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to claim maximum benefits for your injuries or illness. With hundreds of workers’ comp lawyers operating in Decatur GA, choosing the right lawyer for your case isn’t easy.
Whether you are injured or made ill while performing your job, Georgia law lets you claim compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance cover. The program is designed to protect both employees and employers by preventing employees from filing cases against their employers for injuries or illnesses that occur on the job. The employee can claim medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits while the business is protected from spending millions of dollars on lawsuits that may put it out of business.
Your research plays a crucial part in selecting the best workers’ comp lawyer to handle your claim and obtain maximum compensation. The Decatur injury attorneys at the Law Office Of John B Jackson are your trusted partner when it comes to handling your case in Decatur GA. Our team of workers’ comp lawyers has extensive experience in representing hundreds of clients in the past. We have won millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Call The Law Office Of John B Jackson in Decatur GA at (770) 988-6155 to handle your workers’ comp claim.

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What Should I Do if I am Hurt on the Job?

The first step is to seek medical help if you are seriously injured while performing your job. Whether you have a doctor on-premise or you need to go outside to see a doctor, the best thing is to visit the doctor and treat your injuries. Follow the doctor’s instructions and rest and recuperate so that your injuries heal quickly and you can work soon. Don’t forget to keep a written record of your injuries and symptoms to facilitate the filing of your claim. Take photographs of your injuries if they are visible.
The next step is to notify the employer about the accident and subsequent injuries. The best time to do it is soon after the accident. Georgia law allows you thirty days from the date of the accident to notify the employer. You can submit the notification in written format either to your employer or the immediate supervisor.
The final step is to hire the best workers’ comp lawyer in Decatur GA to handle your claim.
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Why Should I Hire a Decatur Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Workers’ comp cases are complex and complicated most of the time. Your employer and the insurance company may try to deny your claim by citing various reasons. On the other hand, they will have the best workers’ comp lawyers in town on their side. Trying to handle your claim on your own isn’t the best thing when you want to claim maximum benefits for your injuries.
The lawyer will help protect your rights and handle the administrative tasks associated with your claim. They will advise you on how to proceed with the claim and appeals and make sure the paperwork is submitted on time. The best thing is you don’t have to pay the workers’ compensation lawyer out of pocket. You pay the lawyer a percentage of the compensation you receive after he/she wins the case for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Decatur GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

The lawyers at The Law Office Of John B Jackson work on a no-win-no-fee or contingency fee basis. You pay the lawyer only after he/she wins the case for you.

What Should I Do if My Workers Compensation Claim is Denied?

If your claim is denied for whatever reason, you can file a request to have a hearing before the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. An administrative law judge will hear your claim and decide whether you should receive workers’ comp benefits. The judge will listen to both sides of the case before making the final decision. Hence, you should have supportive and factual information to back up the claim and prove the extent of your injuries. The best thing is to hire a workers’ comp lawyer in Decatur to handle your claim.
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Is there a Time Limit to File a Workers Comp Claim in Georgia?

Georgia’s statute of limitations for workers’ comp claims is one year from the date of the accident. You should file the claim before this time period or your claim will become null and void.

Can an Independent Contractor File a Workers Comp Claim?

Georgia’s law doesn’t allow independent contractors to claim workers’ compensation benefits. To be eligible for compensation under workers’ comp insurance, the individual should be an employee or a statutory employee. If the employer can control a worker’s time, methods, manner, and how he/she executes his/her work, the worker should be considered an employee rather than an independent contractor.

What is a Decatur Workers Compensation Claim Worth?

Workers’ comp insurance in Georgia will pay for:

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When you become ill or are injured on the job, you are entitled to claim compensation from the workers’ comp insurance. Workers’ comp law in Georgia is complicated and requires professional assistance to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. You need to hire the best workers’ compensation lawyer in Decatur GA to handle your claim. Call The Law Office Of John B Jackson in Decatur GA at (770) 988-6155 to handle your workers’ comp claim.