If you’ve been hurt in an accident you have a right to recover all of the costs related to your injury including bills, lost work time, and medication. No matter how your injury occurred, if it was not your fault the law is on your side. Many accident victims wind up paying tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket and don’t realize they have the right to recover their costs until is too late. Don’t be one of these victims. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Decatur for assistance.

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Determining the Worth of Your Claim

For 20 years, John B. Jackson has been among the personal injury attorneys in Decatur, GA. The Law Office of John B. Jackson has grown into one of the most trusted and greatest personal injury firms in the nation. You won’t find a more knowledgeable or committed personal injury law firm. Let us show you what we can do for you. Call John B. Jackson at 770.988.6155 and receive a FREE consultation.
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What to do following an injury in Decatur, Georgia

Taking action after an accident can seem overwhelming. The injury sufferers we speak to are confronting pain, frustration, and stress over their future. In many cases they aren’t sure whether they will ever be able to completely recover from their injury and recover their previous level of health. Remember that you are not alone if this describes your situation. Your future doesn’t have to be uncertain, and the medical invoices don’t need to overwhelm you. There are two measures you need to take to get recovery for your injury:
Get in touch with an expert personal injury lawyer in the city of Decatur. There simply is no substitute for getting a professional legal opinion. The insurance companies need to pay you what you’re owed. You will need someone who knows the personal injury claims process.
Don’t sign anything. Insurers will use all kinds of deceptive tactics to get you to sign away your rights. They might offer you quick cash, although the amount is a fraction of what your treatment could cost. Or they may delay processing your claim in any way, attempting to make you desperate. It’s important to know that they do not have your very best interests at heart. Never sign whatever the insurance company gives you till you have spoken to a lawyer.

How do I know if I have a case?

Injuries that seem like complete accidents might qualify for fiscal recovery. All too frequently we see those who have been hurt through another’s fault blame themselves. You may think since you weren’t paying attention, your accident happened, or you might believe accidents happen and nobody is to blame. But that isn’t how the law views it. Most accidents are preventable, and insurance is supposed to take care of the victims, regardless of who caused it. The concept of negligence implies that if someone had behaved correctly you wouldn’t have been hurt. That may be anything from a shop owner ensuring there are no tripping hazards in their shop, to another motorist using a turn signal. The law says that if negligence contributed to your accident, you’ve got a right. Cases of accidents that may lead to personal injury claims include:

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What If I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver?

Do I have to go to court to file a personal injury claim?

Most personal injury cases do not demand a trial. Most are settled out of the local courts. When we take on a case, we begin by gathering information about what occurred. We launch an investigation to collect as much evidence as we can. We present this evidence to the insurance company to show them they would lose if they fought with you in court, and that you are in the right. That is all it takes to get you your recovery. In some cases, the insurer won’t give in. Now you will be given the option to go to court. If you do, then we can represent you. From beginning to end, we will manage everything for you.

How much will a personal injury lawyer cost in Decatur?

At The Law Office of John B. Jackson, you pay nothing unless we win your claim. We don’t believe in charging accident victims out-of-pocket fees. We arrange our charges so you pay nothing. If you get financial compensation, we take a commission fee. This ensures that you can access professional legal advice regardless of your financial situation. Our interests align with yours, we make no money unless you do. You have no financial risk in hiring us. Our consultation is free whether you choose to hire us or not.

Just how long do I have to file an injury case?

Decatur and the surrounding area follow the statutes of limitations, some set at the federal level and some at the state level. It is dependent on the sort of situation you have. Some instances have deadlines that are weeks long, others are years. As a general rule, the sooner you talk to your lawyer the better. Waiting too long may mean you lose your opportunity.

Talk to a Decatur Personal Injury Lawyer

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