¿Puedo demandar a una farmacia por darme un medicamento equivocado?

Every year tens of thousands of people experience pharmacy giving them the wrong medication or other mistakes. Somewhere between input errors in computers and doctor’s bad handwriting, there is a huge gap for risk for patients. If you experienced not just a risk but serious harm because of a licensed medical professional, including a pharmacist, then you need to explore legal options by contacting a Lawrenceville personal injury attorney.

Quick Insight Into Pharmacy Mistakes

Unfortunately, the most common wrong medication mistakes aren’t for extraordinary diseases or conditions that call for rarely carried pills. No, the most common mistakes include medication for heart disease and diabetes.

Pharmacy mistakes cause billions of dollars in damages, which includes the medical harm experienced by these victims. It’s impossible to understand the full effect as many people may not know about the damages of incorrect medication until years later. Additionally, doctors may hesitate to confirm that it was a pharmaceutical mistake given their close ties to the local pharmacies.

There are also the issues of completing the medication, in which case you can’t prove that the pills or liquid in the bottle was anything other than what’s printed on the bottle. Getting a pharmacy for filling your medication incorrectly is challenging but not impossible. If you have even a tiny bit left, you can show that those pills aren’t part of your normal or written prescription.

The Impact and Harm from Pharmaceutical Mishaps

Taking the wrong medication can lead to all variety of unsightly side effects. While the comical example of someone taking Ritalin or another ADHD medication will have the opposite of the intended effect, it’s often the case. Typically if you’re taking medication and have no purpose in taking that medication, it will not have the intended effect. Then there are the side-effects to consider which as well usually become far more severe.

Medication errors, either on the part of pharmacy staff or doctors, result in hurting about 1.5 million people each year. That’s unacceptable if a car manufacturer created product defects that harmed 1.5 million people per year; no one would stand for it. However, the pharmaceutical industry has become so big and powerful that they simply throw money at these problems.

Medication problems and mishaps can result in death, loss of vital organ function, loss of organs, loss of limbs due to inadequate blood flow, and more. There is no end to the possibilities of putting unnecessary and unstable chemicals into your body.

Taking Action Against the Medical Community with a Lawrenceville Personal Injury Lawyer

Pharmaceutical mix-ups and other forms of medical malpractice put Georgia personal injury attorneys in a tight spot. With a $350,000 cap on recovery, it’s always a fight for the maximum amount possible. Even with all economic damages considered a wrong medication could leave you without a limb, or vital functions that you need to get through the decades ahead of you.

Turn to a personal injury attorney from Lawrenceville, GA. Local attorneys give you something that other lawyers simply can’t, connection. Not to mention you won’t be paying for your attorney’s travel expenses.

The medical community is only in recent years, understanding the power of the consumers. Legal prowess gives consumers the opportunity to speak out against wrongdoing even when they seem to have unmatched protection. Big businesses still have to answer for their mistakes, even when they’re innocent. When a pharmacist mistakes a medication, it’s the responsibility of their employer to make it right.

While working with a local lawyer for your injuries, you can build a strong case based on the medical care you needed after their accident. Your medical bills and non-economic damages can add up quickly, and your attorney should do battle for a full recovery. Work with a professional who takes their job seriously.

Personal Injury Attorneys in GA Take on Big Companies

Taking on pharmacies isn’t like taking on the pharmaceutical companies, but often they are represented by big businesses. CVS, Walgreens, Target, and more take responsibility for the actions of their employees, but in these cases will often try to avoid having any tie to the mistake.

You may get passed around from holding the pharmacist responsible or holding the company responsible for the action of their staff. What you need is a decisive and determined lawyer. At John B. Jackson, you won’t find anything but skilled and confident attorneys that can take on these huge businesses. No one is above paying for a mess-up that their staff made.