You know how the saying goes… “In life there are no guarantees!” Yet every time we go to buy something, or hire someone to perform a service for us, we’re often enticed by “a money-back guarantee,” usually including the “No questions asked” promise! It’s easy to be wary of these guarantees, especially since most of us have been disappointed at one time or another by company or service provider who did not honor their word.
For the record, any law firm that “guarantees” it will achieve a favorable verdict or result for a client, is to be avoided at all costs, as it is bordering on the fringes of unethical behavior. However, if a law firm can guarantee a client’s satisfaction, they are simply exhibiting a healthy dose of professionalism, brought about from years of experience and successful litigation in it’s past.

Our Guarantee to You

At the Law Office of John B. Jackson, we are offering our clients a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Here is how it works: If you aren’t totally satisfied with the service that we provide you at our firm, or if you are simply unhappy in the way we are handling your case, you can walk away any time within the first 30 days of our relationship – no questions asked! At many other law firms, if a client were to leave, the law firm would be entitled to ‘quantum meriut,’ which means “as much as he deserves” in Latin. Essentially the client would owe the firm compensation for work already performed on their behalf.

Why We Offer This Guarantee?

We believe that you have the right to evaluate our competence as we represent you, and ensure that we meet (and exceed) your expectations. And if for some reason you are not satisfied, our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee eliminates your financial risk, as you can take your business elsewhere. That places all of the pressure on our firm to prove our effort is worth to you – not the other way around.
We will treat you with respect and give your case the personal attention it deserves, handling it with the utmost care and consideration, and answering and returning your phone calls in a timely manner. We will keep you informed and updated at all times, and perform our professional duties with honesty and integrity. If the high standards under which we operate should falter or fail you for any reason, we’ll waive our right to charge you a fee for any work already performed during the 30-day trial period.

Take Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are in the Atlanta area, and are in need of an experienced, qualified, and competent auto accident personal injury attorney, contact the Law Offices of John B. Jackson. With our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and our promise to provide you with our best effort and utmost attention to your case, you have little to lose – and, potentially, everything to gain.
Bufete John B. Jackson
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