Responsabilidad del establecimiento: ¿A quién puede demandar si se lesiona en un hotel durante las fiestas?

When you set out for your holiday travels, the last thing you’re worried about is getting into an accident. Of course, you drive a bit more carefully, knowing there are thousands of people driving on unfamiliar roads. The kind of accident we’re talking about is one that takes place at the hotel or motel you’re staying at. Our premises liability attorneys in Georgia meet with clients every year who were injured while spending the night at a roadside motel or hotel. Depending on how far you’re traveling, you may need to spend more than one night at a motel. Some people know ahead of time that they don’t want to stay with their friends or family so they book a hotel room for the week.

Regardless of how long you’re staying at the hotel, there’s always the chance that you can get hurt. Perhaps you’re traveling somewhere in the South, and they have a pool. You or your child could get injured while swimming. Or you could fall and get hurt while walking on the hotel’s premises. If something like this happens, you should reach out to one of our Douglasville personal injury lawyers.

A Lot of People Travel During the Holiday Season

As you’re probably aware, millions of people take to the roads during the holidays. Some are going to visit friends and family. Others are taking a much-awaited vacation. At some point during their travels, they are bound to stop at a motel. A person can only drive for so long before they get tired. The problem with this is that you are probably not familiar with the hotel you’re staying at. This means you don’t know what parts of the hotel are safe to walk around. You don’t know if the pool area is safe or whether there’s a lifeguard on duty. This is the stuff you don’t think about until your loved one is seriously hurt. If this happens to you this year, you’re not alone. You can always call one of our Douglasville personal injury lawyers from the road and schedule your free, initial consultation.

What Kind of Injury Did You Suffer While Staying at a Motel or Hotel?

You may be wondering what kind of injury you could possibly suffer while at a hotel. Just because it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you won’t be out and about while at the hotel. Maybe you decide to have dinner in the hotel’s restaurant or lounge. Maybe you want to take the kids down to the pool or arcade. Any number of things can happen when you’re at a new place.

Our premises liability attorneys in Georgia have represented clients who have suffered all sorts of injuries. Some of these include the following:

  • You slip and fall on a piece of broken concrete or pothole
  • You fall in the shower when the door handle breaks off
  • The elevator breaks and you get hurt while trying to climb out
  • Your children are playing in the pool and one of them hits their head on the diving board
  • You are eating in their restaurant and suffer terrible food poisoning
  • One of the hotel valets hit you with somebody’s car
  • One of the hotel employees assaults you.

responsabilidad de las instalaciones

Any one of these things can happen when you’re staying at a motel or hotel. Even the nicest hotels have these issues. And, while you can’t take it personally, you certainly have the right to sue for damages. At a minimum, you can hire a Douglasville personal injury lawyer to file a claim against the hotel’s insurance policy. Before you get ahead of yourself, take a breath. First, make sure you report the accident to the hotel management. Second, go to the hospital and get checked out by a doctor. You have no idea how serious your injuries are until they run the necessary diagnostic tests. Third, call a premises liability attorney in Georgia.

Your Douglasville Personal Injury Lawyer May Need to Sue More than One Party

As with many other premises liability cases, your Douglasville personal injury lawyer may need to sue more than one party. Assuming the hotel’s insurance company doesn’t pay your claim, you may need to file a lawsuit. It’s important that your premises liability attorney in Georgia names all potential defendants when you first file your complaint. You may not be able to amend your complaint to add parties down the road.

Some of the possible people or companies you may need to sue include the following:

  • The hotel owner
  • The company that provides maintenance services to the hotel
  • Any third parties who provide staff to the hotel
  • The insurance carriers of either the hotel itself or the other parties mentioned here

One thing you won’t have to worry about with your premises liability attorney in Georgia is naming the right parties in the lawsuit. They will name any and all potential defendants. Since it isn’t important who pays your claim, it’s in your best interest to sue anyone who could possibly be responsible for your injuries.

There’s a Good Chance Your Premises Liability Attorney in Georgia Will Settle Your Case

Nobody wants to hear that they’re going to have to sue somebody. It brings to mind months, maybe years of fighting with insurance companies. However, once you hire your Douglasville personal injury lawyer, you can trust that they will handle everything for you. You need to focus on getting better and recovering from your injuries. You should also do whatever you can to enjoy your holiday season. We suggest you call our office and schedule your free, initial consultation. Sit down with a premises liability attorney in Georgia and find out if your case is worth pursuing. Not only will they review your case, but they can also give you an idea of what your case is worth. Since the consultation is free, you have nothing to lose.