El mayor riesgo de mortalidad por accidente de auto para las mujeres jóvenes en Douglasville, Georgia

Communication has greatly improved throughout Douglasville, Fulton County, the state of Georgia, throughout the United States, and throughout the world. Most of the population possess smart phones and various other devices that make it possible to be in communication with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Yet, this societal advancement has also created a serious and deadly hazard to drivers and passengers on the road, young women in particular, as a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered through a recent study.

Their complete report from this study indicated that teens and young adults are most at risk for texting and driving auto accident fatalities and that inexperienced female drivers – young women – are at the largest risk group. Their conclusion was that although males under the age of five were the least likely to experience severe injuries or death, that gender does not play as crucial of a role in the numbers until you get higher up in age groups. That is when it appears that young females enter the greatest phase of risk associated with texting and driving auto accidents.

Why Are Young Females At Greatest Risk?

Teenage girls and young adult women are typically the least experienced at driving compared to older women who have been driving longer. This lack of experience automatically puts them at an increased risk of auto accident, just like their male peers. However, when it comes to texting and driving accidents, it is presumed that the reason teenage girls and young women are at greater risk than their male peers is because young women and teenage girls have more extensive and active social circles. More than any other group within the study, younger females are actively engaged in their social media accounts and communication with friends and family. This explanation includes the reasoning that individuals who are more active in their social lives are more likely to get a text, phone call, or other communication that tempts them to look away from the road to view their phone or other device.

What About Other People Who Text and Drive?

When looking at the numbers for individuals who text while driving and end up in auto accidents because of it, both genders and all ages are equally at risk. The increased likelihood of young women to end up in auto accidents is only due to the increased likelihood that they will engage in the unsafe behavior of texting and driving, likely associated with their larger social networks.

Yet, everyone who texts and drives, regardless of age or gender, is putting themselves and others at increased risk of an auto accident and resulting fatality. Those who are less experienced may be at greatest risk, but the act of texting is just as distracting for one driver as it is for another, even if they are more experienced at driving and avoiding accidents.

Why Texting Causes So Many Auto Accidents in Georgia

Texting takes your attention away from whatever you are doing in the moment, whether that is walking, cooking, having an in person conversation, watching television, or driving. When driving, this becomes a deadly reality very quickly. Any distraction that occurs while driving could result in an auto accident and, in turn, auto accident fatalities. This is also true of talking to passengers, eating food, applying makeup, or any other potential distraction. However, when texting is the distraction, your attention is more thoroughly removed from the road than it would be with a verbal conversation. Your eyes must focus on the device to read and comprehend. Then, you may think of a response, use one of your hands to type it out, all while sharing your attention with a road that could quickly become dangerous. Your reaction time is affected and your ability to see and avoid hazards is impaired.

Were You in a Texting and Driving Auto Accident?

If you’ve been in any sort of auto accident, you should first be focused on ensuring that yourself and others are quickly treated for urgent medical concerns. If you are a victim of someone else’s irresponsible driving, then you may be upset; but you should focus on ensuring that everyone is okay and that the authorities are called right away. If you’ve been injured, then you should contact a dedicated Fulton County auto accident attorney for a free consultation. The attorneys at John B. Jackson & Associates are here to offer advice and representation after your Douglasville auto accident.