We’ve seen some strange accidents – some involving horses on the highway, turtle crossings, and spilled pudding. But sometimes a person is injured in such a strange way that nobody could’ve predicted it. That’s what happened in Middle, Georgia this past weekend.

A woman was walking her dog, just like she does every night. A man driving on the overhead bridge somehow lost a tire. The tire flew about 300 yards and ended up hitting 22-year old Kimberly Touchton of Byron, Georgia. It actually hit her neck and snapped it, causing her to fall face-down in the mud.

The victim lived in the nearby trailer park. her family said she was always gone for about 20 minutes when she walked her dog. So, when 45 minutes had past and she wasn’t home, they got worried. The next thing they knew, her dog came home without her. Touchton’s fiance went walking to see if he could find her. He saw her lying face-down in the dirt, clearly injured.

The young woman was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The man who lost the tire was actually arrested shortly thereafter. The police said they believe he was exactly what happened and didn’t report it. In Georgia, it’s the law that you must report any accident that results in death or injury.

The man driving the car was 25-year old Seth Carmichael from Fort Valley, Georgia. He was arrested and charged with failure to report an accident resulting in injury or death. There has been no comment from the victim’s family as of yet.

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Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/crime–law/middle-georgia-man-charged-after-tire-flies-off-vehicle-kills-woman-walking-dog/TsBoIl3K7w2NSksrURYQzJ/