Nobody’s ever thankful to be in a car accident. But when you find out the person who hit you was driving a stolen car, it’s very frustrating. It makes you angry. When someone is behind the wheel of a car that doesn’t belong to them, they’re reckless. They don’t care what happens to the car. And, they certainly don’t care what happens to anyone else on the road. This proved to be the case this week in Northwest Atlanta.

A woman was driving West on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard in Northwest Atlanta on Thursday morning at about 11:15. Out of nowhere, someone driving a Hyundai Genesis crossed the center line and drove into oncoming traffic. They crashed into the victim’s Chevy Spark in a head-on collision.

The woman driving the Chevy Spark was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with serious injuries. The police haven’t released her name as of yet, nor have they provided an update on her condition.

As for the driver of the other car, the identity is still unknown. The car had been stolen, apparently, on January 10 from a location on Hatteras Way. There was a man driving, with a woman in the passenger seat and a child in the backseat.

People who saw the crash said that all three of the occupants in the stolen vehicle got out and ran when the police were coming. The man had a head injury and the woman was said to have an injured leg. There was no status on the child.

If the victim is able to find out who was driving the other vehicle, they’ll certainly have a claim for damages. The problem is finding out who that is.

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