In the early hours of the morning this Friday, the police in Union City, Georgia were called to the scene of a tragic accident where a pedestrian was struck and killed. The crash happened on the exit ramp off of Interstate-85. Apparently, the victim was attempting to walk toward the ramp to Jonesboro Road on the Southbound lanes of the highway.

It was about 4 am on Friday, June 5 when the cops received multiple calls about a pedestrian being struck on the interstate. At least 5 separate cars hit the man while he was trying to cross the highway and head off the Jonesboro exit.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found a man who was clearly dead on the side of the road. The people who hit the pedestrian stuck around to see if he was okay. In fact, one of the drivers who hit the man stopped as soon as they realized that they had struck a human being.

By the time the last driver ran the pedestrian over, he had already been struck by about 3 to 4 other vehicles. It seems as if the man was pinballed back and forth along the Southbound lanes of Interstate-85.

So far, the man has not been identified. The authorities confirmed that he had no identification on him. They have not been able to ascertain who the victim is at this time. No charges have been filed either. The drivers who struck the victim did not seem to be involved in any wrongdoing at the time of the crash.

Once the man’s identification is determined, the police will likely release more information.

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