A crash on I-85 saw one person suffering critical injuries earlier this week . The incident occurred on the morning of Friday, May 28. It was reported to the authorities just after 4:30 a.m.

According to the details shared by the Atlanta Police Department, the accident involved an initial collision between two vehicles. Both vehicles were traveling in the northbound lanes of the I-85. One of these was identified as a Nissan Juke. The other vehicle was a red Lamborghini.

As both vehicles were traveling northbound along the I-85, the Lamborghini crashed into the rear of the Nissan at Monroe Drive. The sheer impact of the collision caused both vehicles to veer out of control. As the drivers of both vehicles lost control, the Nissan and the Lamborghini collided into a shoulder wall near the GA 400 ramp. This second collision occurred at a fairly high rate of speed leading to the devastating crash on I-85.

The sheer impact of the collision caused significant damage to both vehicles. The driver of the Nissan suffered critical injuries. Once the first responders and paramedics arrived on the scene of the crash, the driver was rushed to a hospital.

The Lamborghini driver also sustained injuries, although these injuries are reported as non-critical. Before the paramedics could arrive on the scene, the Lamborghini driver was transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries. It is not clear if any passengers were traveling in either of the vehicles.

Following the accident, police shut down the I-85 at Monroe Drive for several hours as on-site investigations were being conducted. The road was finally reopened to traffic nearly five hours later.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident. Any formal charges against the Lamborghini driver are still pending. In crashes like these, Atlanta victims can seek full compensation from an at-fault driver with help from an Atlanta car accident lawyer.

Soure: https://www.ajc.com/news/traffic-alert-gridlock-in-midtown-after-crash-shuts-down-i-85-north/WZTAJ6VE2JG7JMQRG22ME6U4IM/

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