Truck Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Truck Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

If you are looking for a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta to represent you with a personal injury claim after sustaining injuries in a truck accident, you should pick one that has experience in such cases. It should be a lawyer that has dealt with that specific type of vehicle accident. Trucking accidents in Georgia can get complicated due to several factors. For instance, the state and federal laws can be a bit confusing for those with little to no knowledge of the legalities surrounding such laws.

If you take that fact into account, coupled with the fight that those served with the lawsuit will put up, things can become overwhelming. That is why you need the right legal experts fighting on your side. The truck accident attorneys at John B. Jackson are the team you need. Our lawyers are well-versed in truck accident cases. They understand how these cases can overlap, and will effectively represent your interests and fight for your rights to ensure you are awarded the compensation you rightly deserve.

Please complete our case review, and you will discover how our team of Atlanta injury attorneys can help you with your claim case. We shall review your claims at no cost to determine if you have any legal recourse to seek compensation and advise you accordingly.

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What Does A Truck Accident Lawsuit Entail?

A lawsuit for a truck accident follows these steps:


Investigations quickly become the order of the day following a road accident. Thus, expect the truck driver’s insurance company will send experts to analyze the scene and gather evidence that can be used to discredit your claim or limit their potential liability as much as possible. Similarly, you should have a team of legal professionals looking into the matter as soon as possible. You should get in touch with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer at John B. Jackson Law Firm so that they can review the crash and have the information needed to come up with a strong case.

Keep in mind that insurance companies are out to make money. They will do what they can to convince you to take their settlement offer. Never accept their terms or offer before consulting with your attorney. Moreover, you should avoid talking about the accident or your injuries with anyone aside from your doctor and your lawyer. The insurers will use such a discussion to collect information that they can use against you. That is why your personal injury attorney should oversee any talks that you might have with the insurers.

Creating a Claim

The details gathered from assessing the accident will be what your lawyers will use to create your claim. In it, it will state your injuries and losses while also requesting compensation for said damages. It will also show how the party at fault was negligent or reckless thus causing the accident. The claim the attorney creates will be the basis of your lawsuit. The matter might be resolved through litigation, settlement negotiations, or arbitration.


In most cases, the insurance company will attempt to avoid having a day in court and will attempt to negotiate a settlement. It is a route that our Atlanta truck accident attorneys will not object to and will be keen to ensure your rights and interests are met. The discussion will resume once a lawsuit has been officially filed with the courts. And if the negotiations bear no fruit, then the case will be resolved in Atlanta court.


Once the matter is in court, every side will have a chance to present their case when facing the judge or jury. The judge or jury will then deliberate on all the evidence given and then hand down their verdict. In the verdict, there will be stated who was at fault and the compensation you should receive.

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Proving Negligence In An Atlanta Truck Accident Case?

During our investigation to have information that proves negligence, we will:

  • Determine if the driver adhered to the local traffic laws
  • Evaluate the drivers’ credentials
  • Investigate whether the truck was maintained properly
  • Try to identify any manufacturing flaws in the truck and any other vehicle involved in the collision
  • Review the driver’s logbooks to ensure federal and state trucking regulations were followed
  • Assess the accident scene and require for police reports and photo of the incident, reconstruct the crash with the aid of experts, and interviewing potential witnesses

What Are Some Common Types of Georgia Truck Accidents?

The Law Offices of Joh B. Jackson have been of help to many individuals and families. We have represented them in their respective cases and helped them get the compensation they rightly deserve for the injuries and losses sustained after a trucking accident. some of the most common of such crashes in Georgia include:


Rear-end collisions are highly common on heavily traveled expressways and they often are significantly devastating. The severity of the accident depends on the weight of the carry load. We have seen and dealt with cases of trucking rear-end collisions in which the truck smashed into the rear of the lead car, causing serious back injuries. We also have encountered cases where the truck the lead vehicle was completed crushed and all the occupants were killed. The expected action to take when you come across an accident on the roads is to slow down and hit the hazard lights to warn the drivers behind you of the accident in front of you. Doing this is meant to make to be alert and pay attention when driving.


Head-on collisions with trucks are among the most catastrophic on Atlanta roads. Picture having a speeding 80,000pound vehicle crushing with an oncoming saloon car or a smaller vehicle. In such a scenario, it is apparent that the smaller car will not win. Given that many truck drivers work under constant economic pressures coupled with the need to keep a tight schedule and meet deadlines, they are bound to make mistakes when driving. The pressures of work, fatigue, and the various distractions they encounter increase the probability of these professionals becoming a risk with head-on collisions often being the outcome.


During sudden emergency stop when the driver steps on the brakes hard, a trailer will jackknife (fold in an acute angle) swinging outward. As a result, the truck’s cab turns to the trailer.

Tire Blowout

Keep a vehicle under control after a tire blowout is difficult, and this a tougher when you are operating a huge commercial truck. The outcome of a tire blowout for a heavy vehicle is catastrophic, more so when the truck was ferrying bulky goods. We had a case in where a large truck as a blowout on the front wheel, lost control, crossed over the median of an interstate expressway and crashed head-on into oncoming vehicles.

Truck Rollovers

Trucks rolling over are a common type of accident that occurs when the vehicle has a tire blowout when speeding, or the tires have no grip thus the truck slides sideways, losing control, and then rolls over. Some of the contributing factors for this kind of an accident include the loading capacity of the truck, center of gravity, road condition, weather, and the driver’s level of experience in responding to certain emergencies. Rollovers can even happen when the truck is traveling at 5mph, especially if the load shifts when the vehicle is negotiating a tight curve. We handled a case where a truck was loaded with heavy a consignment of tiles that were not properly secured in place causing the trailer to roll over at a curving exit ramp.

Air Brake

Trucking safety rules stipulate that the brakes be inspected before that start of every trip. That means this should be a routine. A truck with bad air brakes can crash when traveling downhill because it cannot be brought to a halt safely. The weight of the vehicle puts immense stress on the air brakes, and that is why the brakes should be checked regularly. We once deal with a trucking collision case in which the truck driver was fuming because he is requested his employer to fix the brakes but nothing was done.


A small car crashing into a truck or trailer that is parked or moving is often a very devastating accident. such an incident can help when a truck that is in front of the smaller vehicle stops unexpectedly. It also occurs when a truck is parked on the road or roadside without the necessary warning sides. That is why trucks and trailers in the US now are required to have underride guards. However, these fixtures are at times too weak to be of any significant use. The underride guards are also a requirement for trucks and trailers in Europe.

A lawyer reviewing details for a truck accident claim in Atlanta.

T-Bone (Side-Impact)

In the event where a heavy commercial vehicle strikes the side of a small car, more so on the driver’s side, the outcomes are often catastrophic for the smaller vehicle and its driver.

Lost Load

Every truck driver is expected to inspect and ensure that the load on the vehicle is secured in place before hitting the road. Moreover, they are also expected to routinely check the same at a certain point during the trip. Neglecting to do so can lead to fatal trucking collisions that would otherwise have been avoided.

Blind Spots

Blind spots are, in most cases, very pronounced in large trucks. That is why changing lanes for truck drivers can be a hustle. Nevertheless, all drivers are expected to check their side mirrors before changing a lane so that they are aware of any approaching car or motorcyclist. Thankfully, new technologies have been added to trucks to help drivers have a better awareness of their blind spots.

What Compensation Can You Seek?

A truck accident victim may be eligible to recover damages for their losses, including:
If you having been involved in a trucking accident, then you might be eligible to recover damages. You can sue for the following injuries or losses.

  • Physical injuries
  • Cost of current and future treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Death of a loved one
  • Funeral costs
  • Pain and suffering

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