A man lost his life in a tractor-trailer crash in Bibb County on November 15. According to the details shared by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred early in the morning at about 1:00 a.m. 

It happened in the southbound lanes of the I-475 at some distance from the Eisenhower Parkway exit. A 2018 Honda Civic was traveling along the southbound lanes of the road when it hit a tire that had detached from another vehicle. The collision with the tire disabled the Civic and forced it to stop right in the middle of the roadway.

A Fed-X truck was traveling in the southbound lane behind the Civic. The driver of the tractor-trailer failed to spot the disabled vehicle in time. This caused the tractor-trailer to crash into the rear of the disabled Civic.

The driver of the Civic was identified as Todd Allen Glessner, 58, of Warner Robins. Glessner sustained critical injuries in the incident. He died of his injuries and was pronounced deceased on the scene of the accident.

Kathryn Barney, 66, of Michigan was identified as the driver of the RV which lost its tire and caused the Civic to be hit and become disabled. It isn’t clear if Barney will be held liable and at-fault for the accident.

The driver of the Fed-X tractor-trailer which crashed into the Civic was identified as Jonathan Smith, 26, of Florida. Reports from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office do not confirm whether or not Smith sustained any injuries in the crash.

The Sheriff’s Office and other local authorities continue to investigate the tractor-trailer crash in Bibb County. Following the confirmation of the deceased victim’s identity, the coroner’s office also notified the next-of-kin about their loss.  

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