An 18-year-old girl and an infant were killed in an Atlanta hit-and-run on the night of September 30. The accident was caused by a driver involved in a high-speed chase with the police on Interstate-75.

The driver was in a black BMW coupe. He was clocked at more than 120 mph as he sped down the highway. The police followed him as he exited the highway at the 17th street exit. He proceeded down toward 10th street near the intersection of 10th Street and Techwood Drive.

Once he reached the intersection, the suspect crashed into at least three vehicles. One of these vehicles was a Nissan Altima. Inside the car was an 18-year old girl named Anjanae McClain, her sister and a baby. Two other cars were also damaged in the impact.

Sadly, by the time rescue crews arrived at the scene, McClain had passed away from her injuries. The baby and three other passengers were rushed to the local hospital. Not long after her arrival, the infant succumbed to her injuries as well.

The police caught the crash on video. They have issued a warrant for the 25-year old man who was driving the BMW. However, they have not released his name or a description at this time.

Once the investigation is complete, the victim’s families will certainly have a potential claim for wrongful death. There has been no update on the medical condition of the other injured passengers.

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