Two people suffered serious injuries in a single-vehicle crash on I-16. The incident took place in the afternoon of Thursday, May 20, and was reported to the authorities at around 4 p.m.

According to the details shared by the Georgia State Patrol, the sole vehicle involved in the crash was identified as a 2005 Jeep Limited. The Jeep was traveling eastbound along I-16 at the time. It had three occupants in it, including the driver and two passengers.

As the vehicle drew close to the exit for Bloomingdale Road, the driver of the Jeep lost control for some reason. The Jeep went off the roadway, then came back on the road, and finally left the road again on the left side. It then rolled over several times before colliding with the cable barrier.

The sheer momentum of the vehicle, as it was rolling over, pushed it over the cable barrier and into the westbound lanes of the road before it came to rest on its side.

The three occupants of the Jeep were identified as Christie Nelson, 37, Azariah Howard, 4, and Courtney Howard, 33. Of these three occupants, one person was ejected from the vehicle while the other two remained inside the car. All three suffered serious injuries in the incident.

Once the single-vehicle crash on I-16 was called in, the local paramedics and first responders arrived on the crash scene. All the three injured parties were then transported to the Memorial Health University Medical Center.

Following the crash, the eastbound and westbound lanes of the I-16 remained closed for several hours as on-site investigations and cleanup were conducted. Traffic was finally restored several hours later.

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